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*Artist Interview* HxdB

*Artist Interview* HxdB

Keep your eyes out for Canadian producer HxdB (Hexadecibel). Lately he has been collaborating like crazy as he puts out hot tracks with deep syncopated rhythms. HxdB’s dynamic beat patterns make you want to groove to his lush synths and percolating percussion. Check out the artist interview below while listening to his latest collaborative efforts...
*New EP* VLSONN - Black Sea Influence

*New EP* VLSONN – Black Sea Influence

I don’t know about you guys, but I sure am feeling that future bass lately. Because of that, we have a brand new EP for you guys from the artist VLSONN. He’s new to the scene, but is already showing his talent and commitment to putting out excellent material. This first EP, Black Sea Influence, is...