Paradise projected to be released by Mutants Records December 16 2013 with John Dahlblack’s Record label which has an exceptional ear for high quality sounding music and talented producers. Felix Leiter decided to produce Paradise modern retake of Finally by Kings of Tomorrow, a thirteen year old Legendary classic, which was originally recorded with vocals by Julie McKnight, and produced by Sandy Rivera in 2002 from Defected Records. The song title “Paradise” refers to the last words sung in the chorus, and the title not only reflects the lyrics, but also the emotion this track creates, it brings listeners to a ultimate felicity, Paradise is a wonderland is a wonderland that takes you loud nine.Can’t wait to hear it? Its really fun to listen to the original first followed by listening to Paradise the contrast of these two tracks shows how far Electronic Dance Music has evolved over a decade and three years, Paradise is like a recitation to Finally, it revamps and brings back an oldie but goodie lyrical track back to the scene, and allows the anthem song to live long into newer music generations for everyone to enjoy.

In Felix Leiter’s Own words; “I wanted to re-imagine it for the modern dancefloors I’m playing to”
explains Felix Leiter, “To inject my own harder, melodic edge and bring it bang up to date.” He chose to
collaborate with skilled Vocalist Penny Foster, a recording artist he has worked with before, Felix Leiter
Continues; “The key to getting the track right was the vocals and I knew Penny would be perfect, I needed
someone with an exceptional voice to carry this off and do it justice and Penny really stepped up.” Penny
Foster is part of the songwriter community in West London via NottingHill Music, Penny has experience
working with award winning songwriters and artists alike, She’s a talented vocalist and songwriter, with a
resume like hers its no wonder she was featured on this amazing track with Legendary Felix Leiter. With
such a clever collaboration and choice to bring back such a celebrated classic hit to the massives of EDM

Its no surprise that Felix Leiter’s unreleased track Paradise was so well received when he quote; “Played
it to over 5000 at the Mint Festival” he continues; “The roof nearly came off the tent!” I know Paradise is
different things to different people, but standing there and seeing the reaction from such a massive crowd
came fittingly close for me!” In other words be prepared for Paradise to transcend and captivate colossal
crowds in the world EDM for this track will truly mesmerize everyone into a state of trance, and make
people Jump as soon as they hear this song. When speaking of Paradise the characteristics of the song
dynamics include, a 4/4 four to the floor, bass drum line, with a syncopation at the end of each 8 count, the
song has a natural progression of electro house but also some elements of deep house, extended synthesizer
washes, trancey harmonic sounds, yet a harder melodic edge that the soft piano brings to it. Felix Leiter
Adds and subtracts the layers of sound such as the melody and rhythm, which helps distinguishes the
intensity of the track. When listening to the original Paradise when the vocals start at 46 seconds the
volume becomes louder, this is where Penny Sings of Paradise literally and metaphorically. The meaning of
paradise her singing refers to is love. The emotions reflected in Penny’s vocals when she sings the classic
Lyrics sung with soft yet strong feminine vocals that bring you to blissful Utopia.

The chorus is repeated twice before there is a 30 second instrumental break in between the second verse  and the third verse, in the third verse Penny sings the chorus in a different variation, and felix adds a reverb echo when penny repeats “waiting and wondering” twice in a row, then she starts singing the chorus a fourth time. After the the chorus is sung for a fourth time theres another 30 second instrumental break. At 3:20 she sings the chorus a fifth time, except this time in harmony and with much more reverb, her voice begins to echo, and the last thing she sings is “Now I’m in Paradise” instead of “Now I know Paradise”. From the beginning of the song up it builds up until about 1:30 where the music decrescendos and fades into nothing then the beat drops harder and louder again. At 2:00 the song morendos (dies away) indicating a tempo change, then crescendos back into the chorus again, this is also where the song begins to build harder again, at 2:36 felix allows the bass drum to kick in, right after the end of the verse where Penny belts out “I’m in Paradise” the track becomes completely silent and then the song begins to climax at 2:50, at 3:04 theres a tempo change in the kick drum. At 3:20 the synths are subtracted, then are added back again at 3:36. Felix always uses a hard kick of the bass drum to indicate any change in the song. At 4:00 the vocals are slowly fading away and the drums are subtracted then added back again at 4:20 where the music and kick drum finally begins to morendo and fade away to nothing and the song ends at 5:03. The organization of the track allows it to be easily mixed with other tracks when professional djs play it.In regards to the organization and stylistic elements of Paradise, it is overall very well organized and a very high quality track, it sounds amazing especially when heard with studio monitors. The song makes you feel good, and it makes you want to sing along. Felix Leiter never ceases to impress no wonder Jacob Dahlback is backing up this track with Mutants Records. What a perfect retake of the classic anthem Finally by Kings of Tomorrow.

Felix Leiter the weekly resident Dj for love at Digital (Newcastle, UK), Felix Leiter has raged at the Metro Radio Arena to over 15,000 gigantic crowd, and also played the main stage at Evolution Festival to over 50,000 people who hypnotized by his opening set for Calvin Harris and Dizzee Rascal. He was voted ‘Best Large British Club’ and 11th ‘Best Club In The World’ by DJ Mag, He is also signed to Mutants Records, Spinnin’ Records, Cr2 Records, Ministry Of Sound, Strictly Rhythm, Atlantic Records, 3Beat, Black Hole Recordings. He has over ten years of experience in the EDM world under his belt. Felix Leiter has been a Dj, Promoter, and more recently has become a producer as well, he has learned from top Artists such as Armand Van Helden, Calvin Harris, Pete Tong, Laid back luke, Faithless. Now that you know Felix Leiter
is a dance floor veteran, it doesn’t require Rocket Science to understand why he has been taken under the wing of the EDM scene’s most sought after record labels, not only has Felix Leiter gained popularity from BBC Radio1, Capital, Kiss FM & Ireland’s RTE support and his fans of his work such as Tiesto, Roger Sanchez, Mark Knight, Laidback Luke & Fedde La Grand. Without a Doubt you will be seeing him and hearing more of his music, He has many future releases to come and a full booking schedule, so stay connected with his media sites, with releases like Paradise, Felix Leiter has much in store for the Dance Music World in the near future. Paradise will Release December 16, 2013. Don’t forget to listen to it
Paradise, whether you’re a Dj, Producer, or Music Junky alike it will be a great addition to your music assortment. The key to finding new and amazing music is to stay tuned to music websites such as Beatport, Sound Cloud, MusicYouNeed, YouTube, Spotify, Itunes, and follow artists Itunes Pod Casts, Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, google+ accounts, Most artists have their own Official websites as well.

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Written by:  Britnie Burnett