SG2013 *Event Spotlight* Snowglobe Music Festival | South Lake Tahoe | Dec. 29   31 | 2013

Just when you thought the post festival season blues might require a self-induced coma until next summer, SnowGlobe Music Festival announces its much anticipated return to South Lake Tahoe, California for a New Years celebration like no other! Don’t pack up that playafied faux fur just yet, this year’s lineup is sure to make all music lovers tingle. With a diverse array of artists covering just about every genre from pop, to hip hop, and every sub category of electronic beats you could imagine, this festival’s third year is bound to impress everyone under the sun. Check out the lineup announcement below.

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to go to a music festival… .in the snow? SnowGlobe brings that dream into reality, in one of the most beautiful natural playgrounds our country has to offer: Lake Tahoe. SnowGlobe isn’t just about the festival experience itself, but everything that comes with it. Shredding the slopes at Heavenly, Kirkwood or Sierra, gambling at Stateline, lounging in snow-encrusted hot tubs and soaking in an unforgettable lakeside sunset are all a huge part of the magic.

Last year I had another event to attend on New Year’s Eve, but I had so much fun over the first two days at SnowGlobe I couldn’t bring myself to leave. Imagine Beats Antique playing a set so epic it seemed cinematic, as fresh powder sprinkled the sky with diamonds that turned the stage lights into a fully 3D experience. There truly are no words to encapsulate the absolute magic that is SnowGlobe, you simply have to live it!

The festival itself has heated tents for kicking back and observing or even participating in art exhibits, covered and fully outdoor stages, exceptional food vendors, as well as stage-side show cases of fire performers and ski and snowboarders hitting huge jumps. Let’s not forget a New Years countdown complete with fireworks to give you that spine tingling moment when everything feels perfect. Over 50 artists, three stages, over three days, surrounded by natural splendor, what’s not to love?!

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