Thursday at 1015 Folsom was like a dream. Tons of art and bass-lovers crowded the popular San Francisco club to be in the magical presence of artists Alex and Allyson Grey, as well as Random Rab, An-Ten-Nae, Thriftworks, and many others. When I got to 1015 a little past 10:30 pm, I didn’t expect the club to be totally packed since it was still pretty early in club-world, but, boy, was I wrong; a long line wrapped around the building and inside it already felt like prime-time. A few different, beautiful vendors were on display in the front room, I already had a drink in my hand, and I could hear Bird of Prey in the main room.

Since I had recently seen Birds of Paradise at Symbiosis, I decided to go upstairs to see new artist Duffrey lay down his set. Let me just say that he might just be my new up-and-coming favorite. He already had a healthy following dancing to his beats, and I couldn’t help but grab my friend and shake my booty as well. It’s always exciting watching a new artist who is genuinely excited about sharing their project with the world. It’s a new experience for everyone; for the DJ and audience both. Duffrey’s sound makes me feel like I am floating through space, bobbing to bass, and drinking soda-pop. Behind the dance floor, more mind-blowing art adorned a few tables, and the vibe was just right.

After listening to some Duffrey, I went back downstairs to see one of my favorites: Thriftworks. The main room was already pretty full, and I wiggled through the crowd to be surrounded by dancing, smiling faces. In the blink of an eye, maybe, An-Ten-Nae was on, and even more people managed to squeeze around me as resident ruler of 1015 came on stage. I often caught glimpses of An-Ten-Nae grinning and bouncing around, which in turn, made me want to bounce around just as much. You can’t really have a better time when everyone is dancing and full of positive energy, and Alex and Allyson Grey are nearby painting beautiful masterpieces. I almost, keyword ‘almost’, couldn’t handle all of the eye-candy and ear-gasms that I was having; it looked like others were in the same boat as me as well. His unique acid-crunk sound had everyone twerking-out and it was the perfect segue to squeeze in a local favorite, MiHKAL, before Random Rab. The party was going just as hard upstairs as it was downstairs. Tonight was definitely a night where I found myself going from downstairs to upstairs every hour to catch as much juicy, musical goodness as I could.

Watching Random Rab, listening to his downtempo  melodies, and watching amazing visuals by Android Jones, could only be explained as magical and electric. Having some of my favorite musical and visual artists all in one place was obviously the highlight of my week, and I have no doubt in my mind that many others were having the same experience as me. Looking around, I saw that a couple of people had pulled out their Flowtoys and were adding some more magic to the already wondrous atmosphere. My eyes were bouncing from one artist to the next; even if I closed my eyes, I could see the artwork I had previously been looking at bouncing around on the inside of my eyelids as Random Rab’s mystical sounds were helping guide my mind and heart into awesome-ville.

Thursday at 1015 Folsom was nothing short of amazing. Tons of innovative artwork, unique musical artists, dancing free of inhibitions, and family vibes had me leaving the city with an all-over tingling feeling of love and satisfaction. Oh, and whoever caught the $1 bill that I made it rain on, you’re welcome.

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