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About a year ago Maysian Lim a.k.a. Masia One released her EP Bootleg Culture, now the time has come to release the remixed EP. Artists ill.Gates, Kraddy, and An-Ten-Nae are on the roster for turning tracks like ‘Warriors Tongue’ into an all out bass frenzy. Masia is a jack-of-all-genres kind of artist who’s influences can be reflected in the vast number of places she has toured including: North America, Jamaica, and Asia. This talented MC and hip-hop aficionado takes Bootleg Culture Remixed up a notch through Muti Music by getting some great future bass and glitch artists to give their own take on her flow. Please give it a listen and read the interview below to get the latest on Masia One.

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What made you decided to remix your EP Bootleg Culture

The whole concept of Bootleg Culture was to make a record that gave the public the tools necessary to bootleg the music.  The original album came with a free blank CD to burn a copy for friends and an instructional poster on “How to Bootleg”. (

I also made the accapellas available to producers and DJs to remix (especially producers on Muti’s roaster).  We don’t live in a world where music is divided into genres the same way it used to be when shopping at a store with a pop, hiphop, rock section.  Things are blending and mixing allowing new sounds to emerge from these hybrids.  The remixes bring my music to audiences I may not have traditionally be exposed to, and allows me to learn and discover new creative scenes.

How did you get together to collab with artists like Kraddy, ill.Gates, and An-Ten-Nae who remix your work? 

Muti Music connected all of us, and I’ve always loved the label’s roster of artists.  Ill Gates is a long time friend and a real inspiration to me of how progressive artists operate.  I’ve been honoured to have An-Ten-Nae remix older songs of mine in the past, so we knew he had to get on this project.  Kraddy and I just met through the Bootleg Culture Remixed Ep and hope to push out original material together.

There is a great range of styles exemplified by your remixed tracks. Do you feel like this EP has something for everyone?

Most definitely.  I hope you can play the record to feel strong and proud weather going to work or dancing your ass off on a Friday night.  I have found the EP is especially effective when played at obnoxiously high levels in your car or sound system.

How long have you been producing on the Muti Music Label? 

2 years…or is it longer? We collaborated on remix singles in the past.  Having dealt with so many dishonest labels in this industry and considered the amazing ongoing relationship with Muti and decided to work full projects with them.

What’s next for Masia One? Where can we see you next?

I’ve been in Kingston Jamaica finishing a dub record with Suns of Dub which will be a much more mellow and deep mood then what people are used to hearing from me.  Performing at Burning Man this year has really inspired me to work more with talented producers & DJs I met at the festival for future releases.  Right now…I’m heading to the Break Out West Music Festival in Calgary where the original album Bootleg Culture has been nominated for Best Urban Recording of the year. Wish me luck and remember to take back, reinvent and bootleg the culture – it’s yours to create.

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