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ill-esha is a Canadian producer that refuses to make a production style based on fixed patterns. She uses moods and melodies to compose new pieces of sound-art like her latest release Altitude Sickness off Muti Music. After recently moving to Denver, CO, ill-esha is now exploring the wobbly and uplifting scope of things with tracks like ‘Altitude Sickness’ and ‘Idle Hearts.’ After playing a inspiring set at this year’s Lightning In A Bottle, she has exciting future plans, like a tour with Bassnectar and Big Gigantic coming up in the Fall, as well as a new collective. At one of ill-esha’s shows you may see her play keys and belt out some live vocals during the set, to get the crowd groovin’ to a nice mix of organic melodies that coincide with her stylized bass-ridden production. Check out Altitude Sickness on Beatport today and our interview with ill-esha below to see what this Canadian producer has in store for us next.

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How does it feel to be called one of Canada’s top 30 artists by Do Androids Dance?

Pretty sweet.  During my time in San Francisco people were pretty quick to bill me as being from there, and although I’m super grateful for the experience it gave me, I will always be a proud Canadian!  I’m really thankful to be included among such heavyweight friends of mine.  I will say they were slightly remiss in not including my dear friend Ill Gates! 

Your latest EP is called Altitude Sickness. Would getting altitude sickness be like your first track off the EP, uplifting and intense at the same time? 

…And a little wobbly and grimy, like the bass and lead.  My entire move to Denver ended up being pretty intense but ultimately uplifting, so I’m glad it translates!!

How is your new town of Denver, CO treatin’ ya? 

Like the home I’ve been looking for my whole life.  I am so in love with the city, the scenery, and most of all the wonderful open hearts of its people.

What do you usually start with when making a track (production elements/composition, etc)?

As a keyboard player from day one, everything is based around the piano, and played in live.  All my full-vocal tunes usually start with piano playing and singing for awhile, and the other elements are created around them; however, for more instrumental pieces like the ones on this album, I’ll usually start with the drums.  I do a lot of sampling from live recordings that I take, and I’ve found that all of nature falls into a rhythm.  When I place that water splash or creaky ratchet in the right place, the rest of the groove seems to build around it – I’ll tap it out on the drum pads, over and over until it sits perfectly, then start building some synth patches and jam on them for awhile.  It’s all jamming.

You recently played at Lightning In a Bottle. How do you think your set went & what did you think of the festival? 

LIB has a special place in my heart – not only is it produced by some of my very favorite promoters, The DoLab (who truly put their hearts and souls into every aspect) – but it is a great place to expand your consciousness and further your education as well as enjoy great music.  I really enjoyed playing the sunset slot and the feeling that the crowd around me was a diverse mixture of ages, races and subcultures.  It’s the opposite of homogenous.

Can you talk a bit about your tour with Big Gigantic and Bassnectar in the fall? Have you ever played with these producers/musicians before? 

No, and I’ve never been on a big bus tour either.  I hope everyone brings deodorant.  But for real, I’m really honored to have the opportunity to reach new crowds and to travel with such prolific artists.

What’s next for ill-esha?

I’ll have a remix EP of my single “Only Fair” on Simplify featuring some of my favorite current hotshots – heRobust, Freddy Todd and Kezwik.  There will also be a long-awaited music video produced by BeyondBe.TV.  Other than that, expect a boatload of free tunes, and also a slightly different project that’s highly vocal-oriented.  I’m also very excited about Black Market Armoire – a new multidisciplinary collective I’m starting with my friends in Colorado that includes kLL sMTH, sAuce and UnMess.  We will be releasing various tunes that are collaborations between producers in the collective, featuring art by local artists, and perhaps even throwing events in the future.  Stay tuned!

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