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Producers Laura Low and Lemurr, a.k.a. Neal Stewart, have come together to bring in their stylized low bass through their collaborative EP Bengal Tyger out now on Muti Music. You will find some tribal world beats on tracks like ‘Bengal Tyger’ and ‘Relay’ while deep bass drives through all four tracks, which transgress through a range of tasty electronic genres. With Laura Low being a co-founding member of LowRIDERz and Lemurr being a supporting contributor and live drummer to the bass music supergroup, its no wonder that Laura Low and Lemurr can only go up and beyond with Bengal Tyger. Check out our artist interview with this duo and check out Bengal Tyger for a real auditory treat.

Check out Bengal Tyger on Beatport here. 

When did you two decide to make a side project after being in LowRIDERz? 

Laura: We have been dabbling for a few years with remixes and original tunes.  We work pretty seemlessly together and always seen to inspire one another.

Neal: We started working together in 2011.

Neal you are a classically trained pianist and Laura, you have been producing for quite some time. How long have you both been making music and/or producing for? 

Laura: Always have done the remix/mash ups but as far as actually producing original tracks, i would say the past few years.

Neal: As a child I studied classical piano and I remember hearing melodies and rhythmic patterns in my head. This capacity diminished as I continued my studies until eventually I only heard Bach and Chopin in my head, for a pianist that is great but the composer in me found it stultifying. As a teenager I switched to the electric guitar and proceeded to unlearn much of the rigid formalism of my classical training. In the last few years I have concentrated on production technique.

There is a lot of low bass on the EP and tracks like Relay are uplifting with organic tribal drums and vocals. Do you two have a premise for a track before you start producing or do you let it come together more organically?  

Laura: Our collab most certainly comes together on an organic flow.  We had no idea that this EP would have a world flavor until we dove into it…. We simply went with it.

Neal: Every song’s conception varies, for example with a remix like ‘Haunting’ we edit the original elements and add sounds to create a cohesive mix that bears our ‘fingerprint’. We begin some songs by emulating a certain style and others by mixing elements from different genres together. For example with ‘Relay’ I wanted to mix tribal rhythms with a blend of house music and bass music. Laura further refined that sound and added the structure. Songs like ‘Bengal Tyger’ and ‘Duh’ manifest themselves very organically, they are the result of us playing around until a theme presents itself. Copious amounts of low end would be our one prerequisite with every song.

Why did you chose to call the EP Bengal Tyger?  

Laura: For me one of my dear friends just had a baby boy, Tyger during the time we started this project…The seed was planted and inspired by his welcoming here…..

Where can we see Laura Low & Lemurr next? 

Laura: We should have some new tunes out by the end of the year….  Super inspired with a new direction of sound.

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