PigeonHole *Artist Interview* Pigeon Hole

The duo known as Pigeon Hole refuses to be pigeon-holed as they break out with their latest track ‘Higher State.’ Colin McCue and Lee Napthine are also members of the Hip-hop collective Sweatshop Union, in 2010 they decided to try on some different hats for size with their first Pigeon Hole release Age Like Astronauts. Their tracks have key hip-hop beats with electronic flair to spice up their crazy-fun and energetic styles. Their latest ‘Higher State’ was remixed by Knight Riderz and Pinch Hitters, and each artist has their own take on this summer party anthem. Check our our artist interview with Pigeon Hole and learn how to get to your ‘Higher State’ below.

Loving your newest track ‘Higher State’. How would you suggest a novice could reach that Higher State?  

C: everyone has that potential. people just need to stop fucking around and realize they’re gangster.

L: I have no real answer for that. Have confidence in life. Stay inspired, vulnerable, and positive.

Who does the vocals for the track? 

C: we do. we produce, write and rap all our music. its all us.

L: I love seeing a project through and making every last piece of the music, but we’re working with other vocalists on the next project too.

With Knight Riderz and Pinch Hitters remixing ‘Higher State’, how do you feel these artists give their own take on your sounds? 

C: they bring the track into their world. we’re fans of what they do so for us its awesome to hear one of our tracks mashed out with their sound.

L: Knight Riderz stepped up and made the track even more gangster hip hop than I thought it could get. Not even sure what you could label it as.  Pinch Hitters brought that bounce side out. It’s been destroying crowds at the festivals we’ve playing.

What is Pigeon Hole up to next? Any Summer Tour date plans? 

C: we been merking festivals. getting ready to head out on tour to Shambhala in a couple weeks. working on some new tracks and mixes too.

L: I live for playing big festival crowds. The energy there is a drug. We’ve been travelling all over the west coast since April feeding the habit. I won’t be happy til we’re a house hold name.

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