Pantyraidroom *Event Review* PANTyRAiD   Pillow Talk Tour @ 1015 Folsom

Alas, July 3rd had come and girls donning thongs, g-strings and granny panties alike were preparing themselves for a rare and raucous occurrence known as the raiding of the panties. Such a sexy party could only be the doings of PANTyRAiD, the unstoppable duo of Ooah from The Glitch Mob and Martin Folb more commonly known as Marty Party. It had been a little over three and a half months since the two last rolled through San Fran and shook up 1015. But this was the kick off of their summer long Pillow Talk tour. This night was all about PANTyRAiD and the inevitable debauchery that would ensue; flying dice, airborne panties and showers of PANTyRAiD cash!

mihkal *Event Review* PANTyRAiD   Pillow Talk Tour @ 1015 Folsom

I arrived just in time for the tale end of local favorite Mihkal’s set. It’s no wonder that Mihkal’s mixes are a staple in my car’s stereo, this guy not only has the versatility of a Leatherman, but he also knows how to keep his set’s as fresh as Febreeze despite an always busy schedule of shows. The long form of his name which pays a slight homage to the Shulgins, Music I Have Known And Loved is a perfect exemplification of what Mihkal brings to the table. We watched him bop around and flash that smile that always shows me that he just might be having more fun than I am.

1 4 L *Event Review* PANTyRAiD   Pillow Talk Tour @ 1015 Folsom

Next up was An-Ten-Nae, king of Acid Crunk and veritable ruler of the land of 1015. As I’ve come to regard An-Ten-Nae Presents as one of the single most reliable names for a good night of getting down low to the best in panty dropping beats, its no wonder he helped curate a night for the kings of undie loss. An-Ten-Nae’s self made style Acid Crunk is simply one of the best forms of sound vibration to get your booty moving like a paint shaker and your hair flipping as wild as a wig in a blender. One half of LowRIDERz, Adam Ohana brought the heat and got everyone wiggling with ear wide grins, myself definitely included. An-Ten-Nae’s set marked the one and only appearance he would make in the Bay this summer, solidifying it as an exclusive hour of crunked out goodness not to miss. This was one of those sets you see people mouthing, “yes, f@#$ yes!” to as they shake their tail feathers.

1 96 L *Event Review* PANTyRAiD   Pillow Talk Tour @ 1015 Folsom

The time was nigh for the dropping of panties and suddenly Ooah and Marty Party appeared from a DJ booth on the opposite side of the room reserved exclusively for these bass kings. At this point, the crowd was about as tame as a tank of wild tigers with a blood lust. The duo bounced out sporting matching black and white jerseys: Ooah #81, Marty Party #70 on the backs. If there’s one thing that really sets these two apart from the sea of bass music producers, its the entire atmosphere and experience that they create. 1015 Folsom is the perfect place to showcase a RAiD as they’re shows are lovingly known, with brand new tops that complete the wraparound video mapping and an upper deck that surrounds the main floor. The duo’s music oozes sex and one glance around the room told you that everyone was feeling it. It was as if Ooah and Marty Party has snapped their fingers and instantly shirts came off, panties flew through the air and the whole place became a nexus of twerking, gyrating, sweaty humans.

Pantyraid *Event Review* PANTyRAiD   Pillow Talk Tour @ 1015 Folsom

Of course, the guys need their ladies to bring the show full circle; a group of sequined girls on stage made it rain PANTyRAiD cash as Get The Money played, later tossing blow up dice across the crowd as they waved signs pronouncing it was “Booty Time”! One of my absolute favorite songs is “Beba”, off their album The Sauce. After seeing these guys a few times, this was the first show that I got to hear it live and let’s just say my heart sang, my face melted and I made love with the dance floor. “Jokes From The Backseat” was another absolute banger, bringing a dirtier and more aggressive dubstep sound that drove through the room like a runaway train. The boys in black rocked 1015 like nobody’s business for well over two hours, making sure that tales of the epic RAiD of 2013 would go down in the history books of the SF party scene.

1 190 L *Event Review* PANTyRAiD   Pillow Talk Tour @ 1015 Folsom

Swinging the crowd’s attention back over to 1015’s main DJ booth, Ultraviolet came up on the decks and asked the crowd, “who likes trap music?”, to a roar of validating screams and applause. As the main room cleared out, there became more room to dance and, inevitably, more room to twerk. After dozens of shows at 1015 I had never seen such a massive turnout of twerkers who made sure their booties wiggled in just about every position you could imagine. I wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw it, but girls were even twerking on the floor, check out some of that below!

1 175 L *Event Review* PANTyRAiD   Pillow Talk Tour @ 1015 Folsom

It was definitely a night in which the freaks came out to play (and I mean that in the BEST way possible), here’s a few shots of my favorite goofballs:

1 202 L *Event Review* PANTyRAiD   Pillow Talk Tour @ 1015 Folsom


1 210 L *Event Review* PANTyRAiD   Pillow Talk Tour @ 1015 Folsom

NO party is complete without bubbles and unicorns!

1 71 L *Event Review* PANTyRAiD   Pillow Talk Tour @ 1015 Folsom

1 83 L *Event Review* PANTyRAiD   Pillow Talk Tour @ 1015 Folsom

1 85 L *Event Review* PANTyRAiD   Pillow Talk Tour @ 1015 Folsom1 89 L *Event Review* PANTyRAiD   Pillow Talk Tour @ 1015 Folsom



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For those of you who are still wondering what exactly a RAiD is like, check out the video above, its a kinda like that.

As one last delectable bite of PANTyRAiD sauce, check out the downright sexy and absolutely ethereal production of That’s The Spot/Jokes From The Backseat!

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