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J Cawte is a producer hailing from Southwest England that recently joined the Muti Music Label to spread his latest EP Sonic Art Form. The melody driven tracks on the EP change in tempo with electro-glitch influences that tweak organic sounds into more spacey feels. Tracks like ‘How Does It Feel’ and ‘Man of My Word’ have all the essential elements of a dubstep banger you would hear on a floor packed with some raging dancers. With J Cawte’s future releases in the works and more to come from this upcoming producer, be sure to check in with this artist so you don’t miss a beat. Check out our exclusive MYN Interview with J Cawte and his latest Sonic Art Form below to see what I mean.

How long have you been making music for? 

I first started making music at college when I was 17, so 2004/2005. I used to work on simple Drum & Bass tunes in my free time. I picked up some production techniques form DJ Cybin who was my lecturer at the time. I remember sitting in a small room with a couple of old eMacs’ working with friends in my class on basic tunes. That’s when I became interested in music production. It wasn’t until 3 – 4 years ago when I started University that I began taking it seriously.

When did you come to be a part of the Muti Music Label?

Very recently, it’s been a great experience. I signed with Muti Music in April. It’s a dream come true to release Sonic Art Form. I tried my luck by sending some demos at the beginning of this year and it’s still a shock to me that I am now a part of Muti Music.

There is some heavy glitch and synth driven sounds on your latest EP Sonic Art Form. What electronic genres do you feel influence you the most? 

Electronic genres that have the most impact on what I produce are Electro House, Glitch Hop and Dubstep. Apart from DnB I have pretty much only worked on these styles of music.

How did you develop your particular Sonic Art Form

haha, nicely put. I enjoy being creative with electronic music. However it’s created. I’ve used the same synths and plug-ins for a long time. I use some chopped up samples and a lot of MIDI to make my tracks. I like uptempo and downtempo styles. I’ve taken influence mostly from tunes that have melody driven intros and breakdowns. With Sonic Art Form I’ve taken that inspiration and applied it at different tempos. I’ve also been listening and following the same artists that I’ve looked up to for years. They have influenced the styles of music that I like to make. Although I create music that I enjoy making and listening to. In the past I’ve had great assistance from labels regarding the development of my releases. I’m very grateful for their support.

Any other upcoming EDM artists we should watch out for in the U.K. or otherwise?

Upcoming artists that I’ve been listening to recently, and I’m really into are: Royal Blood (these guys are one of my new favourites), Outer Kid, Son of Kick, Lightshapers, Deleted Scene (UK), Dysphemic & Miss Eliza, Mario Chris, SL Curtiz, Clark, Leechi and Strangers amongst many others.

What’s next for J.Cawte? 

I have a good mixture of new music scheduled for release this year in the form of singles and EP’s. One of which is another four track EP that’s going to be released in the near future with Muti Music. I’ve recently signed with some new and very exciting labels as well. Plus, I’ve just signed an exclusive release contract in Spain with Elektroshok Records following success in the ‘Top 100 Dubstep Tracks’ and ‘Top 10 Must Hear Dubstep Tracks’ on Beatport. I have also been working on sound designs for some interesting tracks in styles that I haven’t done so before. This is very exciting to me and I will be able to explain further when the time is right.

Connect with J Cawte 

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