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Musicyouneed got a hold of Las Vegas producer King to get to the bottom of his bass music flow. King has been a DJ/producer since ’97, so you can feel his finely pointed production skills as he weaves together different genres and bpms in his tracks. His latest tropical bass medley takes you on a journey through world music influences and tells you to Stop Runnin’! Heavy low bass tones take a hold of you as brass calypso sounds fill the track with some juke thrown in there to keep the tempo up-beat. Hear it for yourself and listen to Stop Runnin’! Make sure to snatch the free download, and read the MYN interview with King as well.

How would you describe your style, musical or otherwise? 

I would describe it as big and bashy street bass with sprinkles of garage, hip hop, dancehall and soul.

What makes you King? 

It stems from a long history of graffiti writing and that’s all I can really say about that.

Where is the concept behind your track Stop Runnin’?

I have been dying to use steel drums in a tune for years but could never fit them in.  With ‘Stop Runnin,’ I started with the steel drums and built the tune around that.  I wanted a dark tune that still used a lot of real instrument samples, instead of all synths. I’m stoked on how it turned out. Some big evil brass marching band stuff..

How long have you been making music on Seclusiasis? 

I’ve been producing for years, but my tune ‘Animal Calypso’ came out on Seclusiasis’ ‘Street Bass Anthems 5′ last summer.  So, I guess the short answer is 1 year.

If you could collab with any other artist on Seclusiasis who would it be? 

There are a bunch! I have a lot of love for all the artists on the label, but I’d really like to collab with Starkey, Distal, and/or Kastle.

How is the bass music scene in Las Vegas? 

I’m trying to keep a positive outlook.  People see all these huge ‘EDM’ acts and think Vegas is popping off, meanwhile I’ve seen my favorite large-name bass music artists bring a small amount of heads.  But we are working on that!

What’s next for King? 

I’m currently working on a lot of remixes and upcoming projects, but the biggest thing coming up is my Koncepts remix EP on Seclusiasis.  Its HUGE!  There are remixes on it from Starkey, Dev79, G Jones, Stabber, Manikan, and Air Stegosaurus.  I’ve been playing all of the remixes in my sets recently and they have been going OFFFFF!

Connect with King 

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