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Killer Reese One and Troublemaker make up a dynamic duo as King Fantastic. They are providing their first 3 years of music at a low price that will keep you stuck on their WestCoastSynthesizerBumGangsterMusic. They recently released their latest track ‘State of The Union’ which touches on the dismal state of the world today. Check out their social commentary within the track below, and their artist interview to get a feel for the future of West Coast bass music.

The King Fantastic Collection is here! 

How did you two come together as King Fantastic?

TROUBLEMAKER: I was DJ’ing on the same bill as Reese’s group Bleu Collar, and a bunch of LA hip hop groups, at the Roxy on Sunset. When I heard and saw Reese on stage, I knew I wanted to work with him. It took about six months to track him down, but when we met up that fateful day in Venice Beach to listen to some of my beats, it was game over.

Why did you chose to sell your first three years of King Fantastic music at such a low price? 


TROUBLEMAKER: Every day we have new fans and they discover us differently. Some folks heard our album, Finger Snaps and Gun Claps, but don’t know we put out a couple EPs. Others have heard our remixes and Socializing with Pimps, but not our original music. Since we are fully independent, and in the DIY aesthetic, we figured we’d offer up the farm, like a punk rock compilation.

Love your latest track ‘State of The Union’. What was your inspiration or motivation behind the lyrics? 

KILLER REESE ONE: The state of affairs in the world, not just the US, is shit is fucked up. The plight of the poor, the economy, the fact that we’re getting stepped on. Playtime is completely over. The LA Riots are my motivation.

How would you describe your music, other than Westcoastsynthesizerbeachbumgangstermusic?

KILLER REESE ONE: Adultcontemporaryelectrohiphopslap.


How did you connect with all the artists that remixed your sounds on Socializing With Pimps? 

KILLER REESE ONE: I was in prison when Socializing with Pimps was put together. I still have not heard it.

TROUBLEMAKER: Reese and I are a fan or friend of all the guys on the EP. Nick (Knight Riderz) and I met touring, and he has remixed a song on every one of our projects. I heard Different Sleep while looking for songs for one of my Pantystep mixes, and we became friends and then remixed Hundred Waters. Pac Div are Blue Collar’s little bros. 3 Stripes and I have collaborated on remixes in the past. Stylust Beats had our Glitch Mob remix on a mixtape and we have mutual friends. So on and so forth.

What’s next for King Fantastic? 

KILLER REESE ONE: Everything is next for us. It’s bigger and better. Making the album that ends all albums.

TROUBLEMAKER: I’ve started to work on the music for our next album, and we’re going to get Reese a disc with beats to start writing while he is locked up. Once he’s out, we’ll write some more songs together and knock out the album, so we can release it by next summer. Then we will tour our asses off and make up for lost time.

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