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British producer Rusko is back with a new DnB and drumstep EP–his first release with Skrillex’s imprint, OWSLA . Whenever Rusko makes new music he always surprises us with his evolving style, and, whether or not Skrillex’s style influenced him in the transition, Rusko does nothing else but display his wide range of talents. “Starlight” starts the EP with a light–almost uplifting–drum and bass song that features Claes Rosen’s tastefully chopped up vocals and a nice, catchy melody. It has the rushing soundscapes, pianos, and bells of trance which endow it with a spacey, ethereal feel. “Lift Me Up” is a playful drumstep track, but it has it’s darker moments. A heavy bass drop alternates with eerily beautiful vocals and Rusko’s signature DnB sound. “Murda Sound” ends the EP with a charged drum and bass track. Rusko told the Huffington Post, “I wanted make something totally dance floor, gnarly and more traditionally DnB. It’s influenced by the sounds of my youth! I had more fun making this track than any other on the EP, and I hope you do too.”

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