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Anthony VanVranken also known as VNDMG (Van-Damage) is a Bay-Area producer with a lot of flavor. With his recent performance at Emissions Festival 2013, and many new projects underway, VNDMG brings his infectious bass music to the people. You can find influences of purple-trap, downtempo, and glitch sounds in his tracks that get the crowd bouncin’ to the beat. Check out the first installation of his monthly ‘VNDMG Report’ below and look for his upcoming EP. So click play, turn your speakers up, and dig this MYN interview.

For those who haven’t heard of VNDMG, where does your VNDMG come from and how would one correctly pronounce it? 

It’s pronounced Van-Damage. It’s mostly just a play on my last name, VanVranken, but I’ve also been known to damage dancefloors and watch a lot of “Blood Sport”.

It sounds like your Emissions 2013 set was going off! How did you select the tracks for 5 A.M. Choices?

I prepared a crate of about 100 tracks that would fit the vibe and I just selected as I played through my set, while reading the crowd.

Your mix starts off hyphy-trap and ends on a more purple mellow tone. How were people feeling these vibes during your set?

I had a great response. I wanted to transition from the previous dj and keep the energy high, then, once the sun came up I wanted to chill it out a bit.

You had two unreleased tracks make their debut in their set, ‘Frantic’ and ‘Morning Logic’ ending it off nicely. Did you especially decide to bust these ones out for the 5 A.M. mix? 

Well “Frantic” is already released on the Reblastr EP (Daly City Records) but “Morning Logic” was definitely finished and prepared to drop specifically during that set. That will be released on an upcoming EP.

How would you describe your 5 A.M. choices?

Well, my 5am choice was to play a set for an amazing crowd at Emissions, so I feel I made a good one. Although, some of my choices after my set were questionable.

What’s next for VNDMG?

“The VNDMG Report #1”  was the beginning of a new monthly mix series I am putting out, so expect that. I have an upcoming double-single with Balance coming out on Mallabel Music sometime during the summer, and I’m working on a VNDMG EP for the fall. I’ll also be releasing an all original mix mid July for a feature. As always, I will be releasing tracks on my Soundcloud for free download.

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