artworks 000051382393 65qbcv t500x500 *New EP* Boys Noize   Go Hard (Full Stream)

Boys Noize has been slowly releasing teasers from his brand new EP, Go Hard, over the past couple weeks and finally you can stream it in full on his soundcloud. The tracks all are uniquely Boys Noize and yet each track is very different from each other in terms of sound. The theme that runs through is “Boys Noize” but the similarities end there; “Excuse Me” is a banging acid/rave number, “Inhale/Exhale” is a classic BN track with it’s analogue techno sensibilities and loud robot voices, ” Starwin” is an acid-tinged, Disco-house track, “Go Hard” the EP namesake is a larger than life Acid-Trap style track, and “Push ‘Em Up” is another straight Rave banger. Go Hard will get you going hard and will surely not dissapoint long time fans!

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