Not only does Dev79 run the Seclusiasis empire with Starkey, he also has been writing in the “DJ Nights” column for the Philadelphia City Paper for years, and continues to pump out music and throw shows with signature Street Bass stylings. This busy producer wears many hats and helps bring the Street Bass compilations to life. Street Bass Bootlegs Volume 3 was recently released on Seclusiasis, is free to download, and gives us some real hip-hop flavor mixed in with hyphy-electronic elements. Dev79 has a lot of remixed and original tracks on the compilation that show us his range of production. Check out his remix of Mz Bratt’s ‘Selecta’ and get ready to wile out to his grooves. Most of the tracks featured below are heavily hip-hop driven, but you will find a gem of a remix for ‘Rhythm of The Night’ hidden in there for all you 80’s fans.  Make sure to listen to his dope sounds and read his artist interview to see the freshness coming out of Dev79.

Get the free download of the album here:

When did you and Starkey decide to come together to form the Seclusiasis Label?

I was throwing parties under the Seclusiasis banner for a few years and sometime around 2004 is when Starkey got involved and soon after we started making moves to release things as a label as well as still organizing events and a radio show. We both have different strengths which compliment us plus we’re both full of passion and drive, as well as follow through, which isn’t always easy to find in the music industry haha.

With the recent release of your Street Bass Bootleg series, what kinda vibes do you think these compilations incorporate?

Its slightly different each time out. Theres def certain key elements and a ‘sound’ that we look for when curating Street Bass material, but within that it can be fairly diverse. The melding of vocal based urban genres (rap, r&b, grime, etc) with edgy bass oriented electronic music has always been at the root of what we do. From there things can range from dancefloor bangers to heady and exploratory. As it stands today, with the Bootlegs series, all of the tracks are unofficial remixes or tracks that are overly sample heavy; while with theAnthems series everything is original tracks or official remixes.

Your remixes of Mz Bratt’s ‘Selecta’ and Blok Boyz’ ‘Philly Boy Clap’ have a heavy hip-hop influence, while your original track Riddim of The Night has a straight 80’s power-glitch sound. What genres or artists have shaped your current producer palette? 

I’m influenced by a wide variety of things both current and from my past. “Riddim of the Night” prominently samples Debarge’s “Rhythm of the Night” which was a 12″ record I had as a kid (and still do!) and I loved it cuz it was the theme song in the movie ‘The Last Dragon’ haha. It was something I always wanted to fuck with and randomly twerked out that track. Rap and rap beats have been influential on me at various stages of life, Run DMC really changed things for me at a young age and then many years later Dr. Octagon put me on the path that developed into what I do now. Mick Harris/Scorn, Dipset, The Bug are some other early influential names that come to mind. Genre wise I listen to all kinds of music depending on my mood but street rap, grime, garage, and dancehall are my faves. Music is kinda like girls – I like a nice round bottom, substance and attitude.

What can we expect next from Dev79 and Seclusiasis? 

Next on deck is the debut Blok Boyz EP “B.A.S.S. / Branding A Serious Situation” on Seclusiasis. This is the first full on MC oriented release we’ve done on the label, so we are excited to forge   ground in that direction. I produced the entire EP, with two tracks co-produced with Oktopus and Jack Horner. Def still on the Street Bass vibe with this, but obviously more focused on vocal song structures. We’re really hype for people to hear the “B.A.S.S.” EP, I think ya’ll gonna be feeling it! After that I have a few bumpin’ instrumentals that are gonna be included on “Street Bass Anthems Vol 6″ compilation later this Summer, including the sick Starkey & 79 collab track ‘Body That.’

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