Aquadrop *Featured Artist Interview* Aquadrop

Aron Airaghi also known as Aquadrop is a DJ and producer from Milan, Italy. Releasing some hot tracks on Seclusiasis, one of his newest tracks ‘Plaza’ has Street Bass written all over it. The track is heavily doused with trap-hyphy while heavy gangsta synths fill in the gaps of his driving bass lines and bouncing vocals. You can find ‘Plaza’ on Street Bass Bootlegs Volume 3, a completely free compilation brought to you by the guys at Seclusiasis. The album is 18 tracks of Street Bass stylings and features tracks from Dev79, Starkey, Distal, and tons of more talent. Check out the newest Street Bass Bootlegs compilation and Aquadrop’s flavor below with this MYN featured interview!

Get the free download of the album here:

When did you join the Seclusiasis Label? 

In early 2012, with my “Street Player” release.

Do you have any other tracks on this label that have a similar energy to your trap banger ‘Plaza’ on Street Bass Bootlegs 3?

Yeah, “Synthesized Landscapes from Future” EP is even more powerful imho, but in a different way.

Hows the electronic bass scene in Milan? Do you play a lot of shows there?

Always growing up, we’re all trying to do our best and make things better here. Unfortunately we don’t have so many good clubs and it’s not easy to give people something “new” here, but I can’t complain.

What’s next for Aquadrop?

I’m workin’ on a lot of remixes and a new project with some well known MC’s.. 24/24 studio time, need a holiday icon smile *Featured Artist Interview* Aquadrop

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