funk on final *New EP* Cheshire   Funk On

Watch out glitch hop world, here comes a new player with an absolutely HUGE sound! Anything and everything you would expect a top-notch glitch hop EP to have, Australian producer Cheshire pulls together with flair in his new EP “Funk On.” Catchy trumpet melodies glitched together with some classic keys and guitar, old school percussion loops, soulful lyrics and a great variety of other tasty tidbits of sound overtop of some deliciously fat basses and solid drums will give your ears a meal that if it was edible, even Gordon Ramsey would not have anything bad to say about it. Seriously though…these tracks pack a punch, and I can guarantee that if you enjoy glitch hop or future funk, you will not be able to stop listening until the whole EP plays through. I would recommend listening with some good headphones or speakers–obviously–but another reason these tracks are great is that they sound good playing out of even puny laptop speakers.

As the EP starts out, I feel almost as if I am listening to someone belonging to Pretty Lights Music, maybe even the man himself. However, as the tracks keep playing on, each drop continues to bring out Cheshire’s own unique, electro-blues groove; my head keeps bobbing and my smile keeps getting wider. Each track has what seems like a hundred different levels of sound happening all at once, yet Cheshire manages to keep it all organized and flowing perfectly, which happens only when the producer knows exactly what they’re doing. This is definitely an artist to keep on your radar, and it will be great to watch as he continues to cook up that scrumptious funk.


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