SK *Artist Interview* Space Kadets

The Space Kadets are producers and DJ’s from NYC, looking to stir it up a bit, especially with their latest release, ‘Nym-Pho’. This track is an electro-house banger that many young sexually-active bass-lovers can relate to. The music video for ‘Nym-Pho’  doesn’t have any problems making fun of itself, and features an elderly woman who loves to party. With an upcoming Chicago show on August 1st and a bi-weekly radio show underway, The Space Kadets are going all out this Summer. Enjoy their new single, the creative video, and our MYN interview with Space Kadets below!

Where were you guys before you came together as Space Kadets?

We were all working together and independently as producers.  Danny had a deal with Todd Terry a while back,and we put out some records out as the Space Kadets in 2011. Hip-Hop wise we always used to link up to work on projects for our friends That Kid Era, Ameer, and STS.

How would you classify your sound(s)?

Our sound is a mix of electro, progressive, club, and hip-hop.  We try to be as versatile as possible when creating music.  We don’t necessarily think about a specific genre to stick to, but try to incorporate key elements into all of our production.  You always need a strong melody, a deep bass, but most importantly is structure. Structure can carry your record further and make you sound very polished.

Why do you call yourselves Space Kadets? 

We came up with the name when we were hanging out in the basement one day. We zone out a lot when making music and when in the studio. One of us was on the computer and not listening to the rest of the conversation. Someone said “your aspace cadet.” We were talking about the culture of dance music and all of our friends who attend the parties.  We call people who are out of their mind “Space Kadets” and kind of adopted it since.  We came up with a pretty cool logo before our WMC show a couple of years back and haven’t stopped building the brand since.

So if its appropriate to ask, what was your inspiration for Nym-Pho?

Honestly, the name came way after we made the record.  It was originally titled “If you love sex” when we were creating it based on the voice we recorded.  We had a basic layout for the track with synths and drums, then added the recording in because it felt right.  The heavy drop you hear in the record was actually the 3rd or 4th version of a drop we made for this track.  We struggled to find a sonic structure for Nym-Pho until we came across the drop you hear now.

Where did you find that beautiful elderly woman for the Nym-Pho music video?

That woman is Hattie.  She is actually the voice recording we used as well.  She offered to be in the video after the session and it turned out great.  She loved the concept for the video and was great to work with during the shoot, everyone loved her.

Has that awkward situation at the end of the video ever occurred with any Space Kadets?

Not with any members of the group, but we have some pretty wild friends.  We’ll leave it that, haha.

What can we expect next from Space Kadets?

We have 2 more videos lined up that will take us through the summer.  We are scheduled to play a show in Chicago on August 1st, details will follow once everything is confirmed. We want to release something every week the entire summer a lot of which will be behind the scenes and in-studio stuff. Our bi-weekly radio show called “Transmission Radio” is starting soon. We’ve got some remix EP’s and projects coming out as well, so be on the lookout at for new announcements, contests, podcasts. Follow us on all of our social networks and give us a shout.
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