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Distal started at Georgia State University until he discovered a break-core track that ignited his passions into becoming a producer in 2007. Now this Atlanta based artist has recorded on many labels including Seclusiasis, and put out his track ‘For You Girl’ on their latest free compilation, Street Bass Bootlegs Vol. 3. His track has smooth R&B vocals with some accents that turn the bpm up a notch, letting you bob your head to the rhythm. Midway through the song it goes into a sultry sway, bringing in light breezy keys along with a new-found ethereal atmosphere.  Make sure to check out ‘For You Girl’ below and our artist interview with Distal to get a feel for his sound-waves.

Get the free download of the album here: https://www.facebook.com/Seclusiasis/app_220150904689418

You have released on labels including Tectonic, Lavish Habits, and your own label Embassy Records. Why did you choose to join the Seclusiasis team as well?

They liked what I was doing, and I liked what they were doing. The feeling was mutual. So it seemed like a no brainer. Their label is eclectic and so am I, so I knew it would be a good look because there’s no pigeon holing :). Been a fan of Starkey and Dev79 for a long time.

How many tracks would you estimate you produce in one month’s time span?

Anywhere from 5 – 12 depends on the month really. How busy I am with gigs, how many are remixes, or just straight up how poor I am that month. But I always try to be creating. It feels good to me. We only get one go around and I think this was my calling!

‘For You Girl’ has a smooth R&B future bass sound to it. Are you as smooth or amped up as the tracks you put out?

Smooth? Not at all, I’m the Woody Allen of dance music. I’m amped up in my head that’s for sure. I wrote ‘For You Girl’ almost 3 years ago, and no one bit on it. I’ve got a small crew of dj’s who were in love with it, so I kept it on the DL the last year. Then this project came up and I thought why not what a great avenue!

What’s next ?

Ugh I’m currently finishing the 2nd album, I have a handful of EP’s (including one for Seclusiasis) ready to shop as well, and my own label Embassy Recordings is really busy putting out our third vinyl. This summer I have a special edition cassette tape project with Embassy I’ll be releasing, and a handful of remixes. I also have a few of my dub/reggae tunes coming out on some international labels. Staying busy as normal. Also getting married at the end of Summer ! Sorry ladies ;).

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