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We have a special article for you guys today! Subaqueous, an electronic music producer who creates tribal, ‘squish step’ sounds, has a new Kickstarter project that he’d like to tell you about! It includes a USB Splash Drive with a Remix Album that he has compiled for your listening pleasure. Check out some words from the man behind the idea, Isaac, and more about the campaign!

Check out the full Kickstarter campaign HERE and support Subaqueous!

“Over the last few years I have been crafting a lot of music under my solo project, Subaqueous. Now, I’ve taken my music and opened it up to a wider community of musicians with a new remix album.  This album is about synthesizing my work and style of music with other musicians’ own sonic imprint. What evolves from this is a new collaboration, which takes us as producers and audience into uncharted territory.”

Here is a preview mix of the album. Featuring eO, Caulli, and Jack O’ Lantern.

Remix Album

Subaqueous Remix album will include remixes from;Theta Rhythms, Kalpataru Tree, Mas, Nssu, Futexture, eO, Cualli, and over 12 more artist.

This remix album isn’t just about releasing a few produced tracks. It’s about releasing the information on how I made a lot of my music. I want to share with my community, fellow musicians, and friends the knowledge I have acquired along the way.

This Kickstarter is to bring the Subaqueous Splash Drive into reality. The Splash Drive is an 8 gig custom usb stick. It is full of my music, remix packs, samples and more.

Subaqueous Splash Drive Includes

The USB Splash Drive has a lot of music, unreleased tunes, and personal videos of me. This makes is an amazing insight and container of my music for any fan. For producers I have even more added bonuses on the USB Drive. More info on the drive below as well as a walk through video.

Eco Friendly Custom Bamboo 8gb USB Drive: Drive will be loaded with music and more. USB Drive is also re writable.
Full Discography in MP3 and FLAC: New Album, 2 older albums, Remixes, Unreleased music, and 4 EPs.
Videos By Subaqueous: There will be videos on the drive from me, subaqueous describing my artistic process, how I make music, and other personal insights.
Ableton Packs (for live 8 and 9): Includes Sacred Chimes, World Fusion Drums, Sub (aq) Basses and Kicks, and more.  View the PDF’s for in-depth descriptions:


Live Sets, Packs, and Templates

Audio Effects

Subaqueous Remix Stems: Stems for 6 tracks for remixing. (Any DAW)
MIDI Library: Including Arabic and Tribal Rhythms 2.0, Belly Dance Zills, Caribbean Drum Beats, Hip Hop Library, and Latin Grooves. Total of  454 MIDI Drum Patterns for any DAW.
Sample Library: Drum Loops, massive amount of one shots, original feild recordings, Instruments, and more that can be used with any DAW.

All samples, stems, and instruments would be royalty free and under Creative Commons Share Alike License.

Check out the full Kickstarter campaign HERE and support Subaqueous!

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