PJ Geissinger, also known as producer Starkey, has teamed up with Dev79 to create the Seclusiasis Label straight outta Philly. With the recent release of Street Bass Bootlegs Vol. 3, Starkey hits it big with his remix of Danny’s Brown’s Grown Up. The song is lyrically full with crunchy and hyphy beats to fill in the gaps between it’s hard hitting vocals. This 18-track compilation is free to download here, and features more from Starkey with his remix of Ciara’s Got Me Good, as well as hot tracks from Dev79, Aquadrop, Distal, Son of Kick, and more. I suggest you check it out if you like your future bass with some hip-hop essence thrown in there to give it some spicy flavor. Check out our interview with Starkey, and his remix of Grown Up below.

Get the compilation free here:

How would you describe your sounds to an alien or someone who has never heard your musical styles before? 

It’s difficult to describe everything I create in just a short phrase because I tend to move around a lot, but overall we like to just describe the sound as ‘street bass’.  Because it doesn’t really mean anything in particular, just heavy bass music with a street attitude, you can kind of fit a lot of different styles in there.  I tend to do a lot of synth work as well and produce music that has a bit of a classical arch to it…. so it’s not all “street bass”… but that’s still the best way to describe the music in a sea of sub-genres I think.  It’s really just electronic music, but that sounds kind of blah to most people.

What was the inspiration for your remix of Danny Brown’s Grown Up? It has a really hyphy-flow to it.  

I tend to write music between 135 and 150bpm when I’m writing original music, because I like to play a lot of grime in my sets… and most of that stuff’s around 140.  But when doing remixes, if you want to keep the vocal in tact… sometimes you have to deviate.  This one was at a more midtempo hiphop bpm, so I only flipped it a little.  Since I don’t write too much music in that feel, I like to experiment with it a bit more.  The patterns when programming midi, the click track, all feels different when you’re working at different tempos than you’re used to.  So I really concentrated on finding some interesting sounds to layer and kept developing the beat over the course of the track.

What’s your DAW of choice? 

I tend to do most of my programming and mixing in Logic because I’m most comfortable with it… and it’s faster for my workflow.

What else can we see from Seclusiasis, besides the Street Bass Bootleg compilations? 

We are always doing artist releases on the label, but we’ve also got the next Street Bass Anthems (which is volume 6) dropping this Summer as well.  It’s a compilation of legit, new, original stuff that can fall in that ‘street bass’ realm.  We’ve also got a King remix EP dropping, with a bunch of different producers, including myself, remixing tracks from King’s sick album we dropped this year “Koncepts”.


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