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You might remember Le Moti’s artist of the week featured interview on MYN. Now they are at it again and this time they present us the first of many Level Up mixes! This is going to be a monthly audio extravaganza, put on by the always fresh Level 4 PR. What would you do if you were surrounded by a sea of talented producers? You would put them in your monthly mix! And so goes the beginnings of The Level Up Mix Series. This series will feature that prominent West Coast underground sound with a nice range of music sub-genres to satisfy your bass cravings for days.

Le Moti is made up of producers Slopes and Durtysneakz, who are bringin’ the swag in on this one with some trap, hip-hop, and R&B influences. When listening to Le Moti’s music, “you could be floating down a river or riding through the hood.” Hailing from Pittsburg, PA these producers just performed a bangin’ set at Emissions West Coast Bass Culture and are working on a new album. With all of those busy happenings they still found time to provide us with the first Level Up Mix! They start the mix off with some Giraffage, then smoothly transition into some Earl Sweatshirt and Frank Ocean. We then find that the remix of Sweater Beats’ ‘Love History’ and Trippy Turtle x Booty Beaver’s ‘Wood’ both turn it up to eleven. The mix finishes up with Le Moti x Ginuine’s ‘My Pony’ plus some extra Moti tracks in there to add some more hyphy to the joint. So hit the play button below, get the free download, and read the lastet interview from the up and coming producers Le Moti!

You can get the mix for free here:https://www.facebook.com/LEVEL4PR/app_220150904689418

Hey guys! First off, how does it feel to do the first (of many) exclusive mixes for Level 4 PR?

This is actually not only the first Level 4 mix but our first mix as Le Moti as well. There are a tons of great artists who are going to be apart of the “Level Up” Mix series coming up.  We are very grateful to be the 1st of many to put out an exclusive L4 mix. We dug up some of our favorite tracks that we are really feeling at the moment , as well as some of our most recent productions.

For those currently listening to this mix, which tracks should they watch out for? 

Oh man tough one…We like them all. We’d say look out for Esta, Atu this dude Wayvee all the way out in New Zealand and what’s in our hard drive at the moment.

What went into the song selection for this “Level Up Mix? 

Digging through music is fun. When you find something that moves you.   We have to look deeper and deeper and then you find gold. Usually this combined with our vibes is enough to create something new that pushes our musical boundaries…and then we turn it up!!

Many of your tracks seem heavily hip-hop or R&B influenced, who did you guys listen to growing up?

Too too many. Jay-Z, Big L, Dilated People’s, Biggie, E-40, Ghostface, RZA, Camron, Juelz, Big Krit, Dr. Dre to name just a few. Oh shout out Ginuwine too and all 90’s RnB. Right now it seems like Rap and RnB are all being infused into the edm scene by different kinds of producers and when it’s done properly, it’s fantastic.

Who are your favorite artists/tracks this year? 

We’re really digging a lot of stuff…there’s too many great artist right now. One huge standout is Mr. Carmack. This guy has this new ridiculous sound that just took off and hasn’t looked back since.

How do your set go at Emissions Festival this year? Are there any other festivals you will be performing at this Summer? 

Emissions was unbelievable. We looked up at the crowd in the middle of the set and everyone in the crowd was either leaning one way or the other. Our plan is to get people moving and feeling the music deep down and they surely did so it was definitely a cool experience.
We’ll be at Burning Man as of now…we realize Le Moti is relatively knew as a project but we’re constantly in the studio to make music that our current and future fans will love and come vibe with us at shows.

What future plans does Le Moti have in store for us?

We’re gonna be releasing a new EP late July plus a lot of new singles and collaborations with some incredible producers. Look out for some remixes thrown in there too. Fun times ahead for sure!

Much Love Guys & Enjoy the mix

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