BINGO2 *Artist of the Week* Bingo Players

Wow. This week we have the incredible honor of featuring the world renowned duo- Bingo Players! Gearing up for their summer festival tour with a fresh stock of new music ready to unleash on audiences worldwide, we got a chance to sit down with Bingo Players for a little bit to discuss Global Gathering coming up this year, plus some fun interview questions. If you haven’t heard of Bingo Players, well then shame on you. They are one of the most prolific acts in electronic dance music right now, blasting their fans with electro house tunes and bangers all day long. Last year, these two had major tracks come out to rave reviews: L’Amour and Rattle, each of which were played by major DJ’s across the world. Anyway, check out some music from Bingo Players below, and enjoy the full-length interview as well!

BINGO *Artist of the Week* Bingo Players

What is your best festival memory?

Our best memory is a longer story than just one gig. Back in 2010 we flew down to Miami as fans to go to Ultra.  We were not playing the festival, we just went to see what it was all about. The energy was so amazing!  There were so many people excited about dance music. It really inspired us. During one point at the festival we turned to each other and said it would be our goal to perform at Ultra someday. 2012 was our first year performing and we felt so lucky to be on the bill. This year we performed on the main stage to a packed crowd and it felt like a dream come true. We have done fifty festivals or so worldwide but thinking back to the early days, before anyone knew who we were, that really makes us grateful for our fans and how far we have come.

What is your worst festival memory?

Rainy festivals in Holland can be rough! When it rains in Holland, it rains a lot and it can really slow down the festival vibe. We prefer nice, sunny days with good vibes!

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at a festival? Any other funny festival stories or anecdotes?

Last week when we performed at Ultra there was a guy in the crowd dressed up as a giant tooth paste dispenser. He had a tooth brush with him as well. He danced and brushed his teeth, his body and other people. That was pretty weird and funny. We posted it on our Facebook, you can check out the video there. You need to see it to really get it!

What is your festival survival tip?

Our festival survival tip is to have as much fun as possible! If you are taking it too easy or going too hard, you are going to have a bad time. Go out, have a great time and take care of yourself and those around you. Everything else will fall into place.

What do you always put on your rider? Anything weird?

Nothing weird really. We have drinks on our rider and usually some kind of fruit. It can be hard to eat well on the road so we try to make sure there are a few healthy items on the rider.

What is your festival style tip / what do you wear on stage?

It depends on the festival. If it’s really hot we wear t-shirts so we can keep cool while going crazy on stage. Paul generally wears his HYSTERIA records cap and we try to keep it fresh other than that. If the weather isn’t super hot we both have jackets that we like to wear. I have a HUGE variety jacket and Paul has a leather jacket he likes to wear.

Who is your favorite electronic music act at the moment?

There are so many great producers at the moment from young guys like Madeon all the way up to all stars like Armin Van Buuren. It’s really hard to choose.

Can you provide a quote about having performed at GlobalGathering before, if applicable?

This year is going to be our first Global Gathering experience! We are really looking forward to performing!

What does GlobalGathering mean to you?

GlobalGathering is literally that. It’s a festival that brings together some of the best talent in the world and fans from all over the world. We are really looking forward to our set this year and also being a part of the amazing line up.

What is the best electronic festival act you’ve ever seen?

Daft Punk for sure. Those guys practically invented the big festival esthetic of today. They were performing with big LED’s, costumes, all before the big dance festivals made it commonplace.

What made you decide to get into dance music?  

Daft Punk “Discovery” made us want to create dance music. That record a long with acts like The Prodigy and Underworld. Those acts really inspired us because they pushed the boundaries of what was being released musically at the time. They taught us that it is okay to experiment and create outside of the box.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the dance industry?

The fans are really inspiring to us. If it wasn’t for millions of people around the world supporting the scene, there would be no dance industry. It’s really amazing how much dance music has grown globally in the past few years and we are really honored to be a part of it. We have to pay respect to the fans.

Who would you most like to perform with on the GlobalGathering line-up?

We’re looking forward to seeing Nicky Romero again. He has been a friend of ours for a long time and we love hanging out with him!

What will be the summer anthem of 2013?

Hopefully it will be our new single that comes out at the end of April!

What really happens backstage/funniest backstage antics?

Backstage is a secret! We can’t let that all out! Seriously though, we are usually hanging out with our DJ friends, having some drinks and getting excited about the day or night to come.

Have you ever nearly missed a set? What was the closest save?

Yes. EDC Vegas last year was a really close call. There was hours and hours of traffic, our flight landed late and we ended up having to charter a helicopter to make our set in time. We were so happy to make our set!

Have you had any star struck moments?

Our first star struck moment came the first time we met Tiësto! We were so excited to meet him and within minutes it felt like we were friends. He is super cool and very down to earth.

Catch Bingo Players at GlobalGathering, 26-27th July at Long Marston Airfield, Stratford Upon!

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