With the recent release of his EP, The Little Guy, Elfkowitz brings the weird back home with his wobbly mesh of glitch and dubstep tracks. You’re sure to go on a mind trip with experimental break-downs and eclectic samples thrown in on this one. If your someone who loves the intricacies of music production principles like composition and sample selection, then Elfkowitz has got 10+ years of production skills to throw at you in a creative way. Recently Music You Need got a chance to catch up with Elfkowitz and pick his brain on all things music. So check out The Little Guy below, and our interview with Elfkowitz to see what this artist has been brewing.

For those who haven’t heard of Elfkowitz before, how would you describe your sound(s)? You can also use words not found in the dictionary or english language if you’d like.

It’s kinda like The Grateful Dead learned how to use Ableton. I put the soul back into bass music. 

Where did you get the name Elfkowitz from?

Switching the first 2 letters of my lest name because i made a cute elf voice in grade school. I used that as my email address, with which I started my Soundcloud account. It kind of stuck.

You recently turned the ripe age of 23. How do you think you got to this level of producing at such a young age?

I have literally been producing for over 10 years. At a young age I was brought into professional studios and taught the ins and outs of production on rock and hip hop. Those Detroit studios showed me how to produce g.o.o.d. quality music.

Your recent release off Street Ritual, The Little Guy, is still one of the top albums on Additech for this month. How does it feel to get this type of recognition?

Feels good I suppose. Lots of killer albums are coming out right now from a lot of great artists, so its nice to know that the fans are keeping me among good company.

Who is The Little Guy?

HAHa! Thats me! Not only am I relatively small in size towering at a massive 5’7″ish,  but honestly I am The Little Guy just looking for a chance in this big world.

Where do you pull your gritty/grimey sounds from, like the ones found on your tracks ‘Certified Playa’ and ‘In My Lungs’? 

I use lots of original instrument samples where i will record myself on an instrument for a while then bring it back and chop it up until im not even sure where it came from anymore. it makes for a very interesting production day. :)

You have quite the line of tour dates set up, including EDC Chicago on May 24th. Have you ever performed or attended an EDC before? 

haha no i have not and I can not wait. Rumor has it I’ll be performing on a pirate ship, also a first.

What can fans expect to see/feel at one of your shows?

Smiling faces. I like to make fans laugh as much as possible during my sets. I throw lots of fun into them.

What’s next for Elfkowitz?

I’d say trying to put a name to the genre of music I’ve been producing. Maybe I’ll even come up with my own genre! :P

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