artworks 000047443613 fcvmc5 t500x500 *New EP* Lux Groove   From The Back

If you want bass heavy, booty-bouncing tech house then Anabatic is the place to get it. They have never veered far from their specialty of bringing bass to your face with artists that have been holding it down since day one, as well as young up and comers. This EP, From The Back, from the appropriately named Lux Groove is definitely bringing the the groove as well as the bass in this two track heater. The namesake track “From The Back” has the sounds that we’ve become accustomed to hearing from Anabatic with an interesting bassline; deep, gnarled vocals; and some killer drums. The second track “Day Trippin” is more centered on a low end bassline, really tight snare drums, swirling synths, and feminine vocals that just scream “summer jam” to me. These deluxe grooves from Lux Groove will not dissapoint.

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