DigitalVagabond *MYN Exclusive Mix/Artist Interview* DigitalVagabond DigitalVagabond is bringing us a great treat today by presenting MYN and Vagabond fans with both an artist interview and MYN exclusive mix! DigitalVagabond a.k.a. PattyProgrammer is a true artist that spreads his creative talents through many media including: audio production, graphic design, photography, videography, and jewelry fabrication. With his current home-base in Boston, this DigitalVagabond is delighting us with his mix of darkened-grimey dubstep, which is not for the faint of heart. The future bass and crunchy feel of these sounds will make you want to dim the lights in your room while you fall into the abyss; but be sure to use this music as your spacey transportation device, or you might get sucked into a black hole! While you transport through these spacescapes check out DigitalVagabonds interview, and also look out for his EP releasing under PattyProgrammer in July entitled, The Dreamers of Babylon.




You Have None-Fre4knc

Dark-Colonel Up and Mister Down

Pure Filth SoundTurn up the Fire [Mesck rmx]-Mesck

Shaman-The Widdler


Ingress-Blue Boy Productions

Herb-The Widdler

The Riddle-Colonel & Mr Down


American Dream Mesck Remix-Gridlok

Time Is The Fire VIP-Grenier

Blasted-Colonel Up and Mister Down

Mango-Ganja White Night





No City vs. Citronella (Oxidia Re-work)-Aesop Rock

Bless-ENiGMA Dubz


DigitalVagabondLogo *MYN Exclusive Mix/Artist Interview* DigitalVagabond

Your monikers include PattyProgrammer and DigitalVagabond. Why choose to have two monikers?

The method at which  music is heard by listener has always interested me. Social Networks such as soundcloud, facebook and bandcamp make bedroom DJ’s and producers as powerful as major record labels. The internet is leveling the playing field for multi media artists, it’s leveling the playing field for everyone. DigitalVagabond has become the brand name for my many forms of artistic creation. DV originated as my blog handle. As I discovered new music from around the world DJing became an outlet to share that music and familiarize people to the style of music I was beginning to create.  PattyProgrammer is solely my original electronic music productions, it was a nickname given to me by the guys in lespecial referring to my technical and micromanaging skillsets. When those guys give you a nickname it tends to stick.

How do you see yourself as a vagabond transversing the digital age? Do you find a sense of consistency within these nomadic changes?

I’ve always found myself dabbling in digital media of all formats. I do a lot of freelance graphic design, photo and video work here in Boston. I spent the better part of 2 years backpacking and traveling the US before settling here. I think change is what keeps us healthily evolving. Change is constant, the more you are able to adapt to change, the better chance for your survival. I have friends and family all over the world and I aim to use music as a vehicle to spread my art and connect with the global community. Intelligent, heartfelt art of any style or medium tends to lead me to where I need to be.

How long have you been producing/making music for? Have your sounds always been this strange?

I have played drums and guitar for most of my life. I got my first drumset when I was 6. I was in metal bands in highschool and have always gravitated towards darker, emotive, enchanting motifs. Music is a form of transmutation. Darkness and “negativity” can be healthily metabolized through art and conscious creation.
If you were to monitor human struggle closely over time you will see spikes in human creativity following very closely.
A year ago this month I began working within ableton. My roommate, a Producer/DJ by the name “eelko” has blessed me with invaluable knowledge about music production. His degree in audio science and years of mixing experience are experiences are masterfully portrayed through his high quality productions. I suggest everyone give him a listen.

Can you also talk about your part in the Electrogenic art collective? What medium(s) do you choose to express yourself through?

Electrogenic is a collective of visual and audio specialists. All of us believe in work equality and collective efforts. Each specialist brings their unique skill set to the table and we pride ourselves on creating unique art driven events and environments. My primary artistic mediums are Jewelry Fabrication, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography and Audio Production/DJing.

Do you believe that art; whether it be auditory, visual, tactile, or olfactory, can transform the world?

I believe that all life is art. All creation is art. As we get more informed and connected as an organism we become more efficient art makers.

How did you start writing for the music blog Lost in Sound?

I met the lostinsound crew here in Boston in the summer of 2010. Their passion for music and spreading the culture became a higher purpose for me. What started as a core group of about 20 of us from all over the north east, has now spread internationally to over 70 contributing members and 15 co-managers. My role as a content creator slowly evolved into a co-manager role where I now manage our Bandcamp and Soundcloud and contribute international content and interviews weekly.

Where do you get your inspiration or drive from when you start working on a track? Does it hit you like a ton of bricks or do you feel it throughout your being?

I draw inspiration from every facet of reality. As far as musical inspiration I find myself most inspired by the music I listen to regularly. I tend to dig and dig for newer and newer sonic exploration. Then go into production mode to put my own spin on the sounds that I’ve heard elsewhere.  I am very blessed to be surrounded by incredible artists of all mediums, so they inspire me deeply as well.

Where can we see a vagabond such as yourself transverse next?

May 14th – Music Ecology – Together Fest – Wonderbarlespecial, Supersillyus, Blue Boy Productions, Moduloktopus

May 18th – Posi Vibes – The Spot Underground – Providence – RI – BASTINADO + Aaron Fractaltribe + Matt Carey  + Icaro

June 6th – Psi Phi Festival – Texas Hill Country – AKASHA, GOOSEBUMPZ , MOULDY SOUL



July 26th –  Gratifly Music And Arts Festival – South Carolina-Papadosio, Emancipator, Eskmo, Bird Of Prey, Desert Dwellers and more…

After Burning Man, I’ll be coming westward starting in San Diego. If you run a residency or book shows out west, feel free to contact me for booking info. I provide photo/video coverage of paid events as well as many other valuable media/promotional packages.

What are you currently working on?

Currently working on a PattyProgrammer EP entitled “Dreamers Of Babylon” and several interviews with ft the likes of Aligning Minds, Rogan, Splyter, Quanta and more…

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