Many of you who follow us may not know yet, but were huge fans of Pumpkin here at Music You Need. He makes his rounds through most of the gatherings and festivals that we attend and frequently plays in California to devoted crowds of loving fans. If you’ve seen Pumpkin perform then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The thing is up until now I had an idea of who I thought he was as a producer and DJ, and then something happened. As of 2 days ago he decided to upload some of the first mixes he ever did and they completely blew my mind and changed my conception of who Pumpkin is, the genres he plays, and the amount of talent he has. Needless to say, he just jumped up a few notches in my book and I think you need to give these mixes a chance because all three are pretty amazing. I’m sure most of you will have these on repeat once you hear them, so do yourself a favor, grab some headphones, get comfy and enjoy!