igggbejd *New Compilation* Modern Filth & Filthy Fortune Records Presents: Lords Of Los Angeles Vol. 1

Lords of Los Angeles vol. 1 is the beginning of an LA based tradition. The guys over at Modern Filth and affiliated label Filthy Fortune Records have decided that it’s about time LA attains the recognition as a stew filled pot of raw magnanimous creativity that it inherently deserves. Drawing exclusively from the pool of talent that Los Angeles has to offer, this compilation of soulful vibes, and true to the streets melodies reflects the pride and lifestyle of the artistic community in LA on many levels. With tenured masters such as Tom Nobel, the ever elusive DTCPU, and the cinematic purveyor of funk Benedek there is an established precedent of quality tones. That alongside rising hype such as Astronautica fresh off her Alpha Pup debut and CAA signing, and the musically provocative Lost Midas, as well as rnb remix virtuoso BE▲CHES this compilation is truly something Los Angeles can be proud of.

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