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After wrapping up his Canadian tour with Wick-it The Instigator, Stylust Beats is once again ready to take over the West Coast. His beats have a major hip-hop influence but pull from many styles, which let you move your ass all while getting a sampling platter of tasty bass-music. He will also be performing this years’ Emissions Festival:West Coast Bass Culture, which is right around the corner. Camp ? and Irie Cartel are throwing this banger of a festival May 17th-20th in Belden, CA with headliners like  The Polish Ambassador and DJ Shadow. This festie brings together all the best attributes that any underground electronic festie should bring: a great community, awesome vibes, dope beats, crunchy bass, and a sustainable “leave no trace” attitude. With an original album in the works and a recent mix released for Emissions, Stylust is already busy producing beats for you fanatical bass-fiends. So check out Stylust’s beats, his artist interview, and get ready to rip your sleeves off at his set at Emissions.

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How would you describe your Stylust Beats?

My production is definitely heavily hip hop influenced and all over the place tempo wise. I seem to have a bit of musical A.D.D so my sets are always fast paced and jumping around bps and genres. I also like to use as many live elements as possible in my productions as well as collaborating/remixing different vocalists/songwriters to create more song orientated tunes. I love big hooks in tunes that get the crowd singing along..also always love mashing up hip hop tunes into more danceable joints for my live sets

 What is the bass music scene like in Vancouver? How does it compare to West Coast bass culture?

Its a definitely a very producer heavy scene in vancouver. it rains there pretty much 3/4’s of the year there so there lots of time to spend inside and hone your craft haha. tons of talented producers to come out of vancouver and BC in general. Ill Eesha, Datsik and Stickybuds all being  good examples, sleepy toms also a new up and comer thats definitely worth checking out as well. Touring wise,B.C.  is pretty similar to cali. It definitely a ton of fun little city’s to play and tour around in. As far as the music goes I find west coast bass culture definitely has its own certain type of of sound using a lot of mid tempo beats glitchy style beats with bubbly and trippy sounds. really cool stuff. the weed hits pretty good down here haha

What is your favorite genre to mix with?

hip hop for sure, Im always doing live remixes and messing about with acapellas during my sets. I was mainly a hip hop producer for about 10 years before moving into the EDM scene about 4 years ago so thats definitely where i started out and like to keep that 90’s hip hop vibe going.

How was last year’s Emissions festival?

Mann…last year was such a blast! My first cali festival actually, i had just moved to sf in april so was pretty new to the whole scene and didn’t know too many peeps but everyone was super friendly and hella cool.  Was awesome to hang with the Grassroots fam and the whole Camp Questionmark family, such a welcoming crew of rad peeps…..

Will you be going all out at this years Emissions?

sleeves will be on the floor everywhere

When you tour, what kind of setup do you bring to your live shows?

My setup is pretty simple i just use turntables and serato with my dicers. my bag consist of my laptop, needles, records, headphones, dicers, stolen hand towel from the hotel and usually stickers and cd’s to hand out to peeps. and a extra tshirt…thats always key haha

You have tracks on Campilation and played your playa set at Camp Questionmark. How does it feel to be a big contributor to west coast bass culture?

Its feel so great to be embraced by such a rad crew. Ive done a whole bunch of events with them since 2011 and everyone of them has been a blast. just pure awesome vibes at all the shows and festivals. It really meant a lot to me for them to take me under their wing once i moved out to cali… couldn’t be more stoked on the crew! The “Campilation” had so many dope artists contributing to it so it was definitely an honor to be a big feature on that album. i look forward to many more of those and will always donate my tracks to a good cause like that. Ya, that Playa set at Burningmang in 2011 will always be one of my favorite sets of all time. Started off with such crazy energy with the saturday burn night vibes super on point! I played 5-6am sunday morning so toward the end of my set the sun started coming up on the playa and i was such an unreal view from the booth overlooking a massive crowd and all the art scattered across the playa. so i played pink floyd haha

How much creative energy do you put into your production?

As much as possible really haha, i don’t think anyone strives to be uncreative. My thing is Ive definitely always been open to making any style or type of music, I don’t always strive to make the crazy bangers everyday… i’ll make what i feel like that day and bangers always seem fall into place because im a pretty high energy guys anyways haha. one of the main reasons i produce under the name Stylust Beats to keep everything open and never be pigeon holed into any genre. i fucks with em all:)

Whats next for Stylust Beats?

Well just wrapping up the last few shows on this canada tour with Wick-It The Instigator, its been off the hook so far. such fun vibes and crowds at every show. then its off to costa rica for me for a few shows and some surfing to decompress, then i get back just in time for emissions! super stoked:) then after Emissions I wanna wrap up the last few tunes for my new 10 song original album in may then hit the festival season full force! rip your sleeve’s off!! Stylust Beats

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