MYN Sunday Funday Sunday Funday w/ Audiofly, Munnibrotherz, Kolombo, Phil Kieran, Kill Frenzy, and more

This truly is Sunday Funday as it’s yet another one of the our famous” holidays” which are really just another excuse for all of us Americans to get drunk. As if we need one anyways. With that in mind let’s get the party and keep it going all week with these carefully selected tunes.


Some refreshing house from the always fearless taste-makers at French Express courtesy of Isaac Tichauer.


Old school house. Hip-hop, Chicago house vibes. Pure fun right here!


Deep House

This is as deep and as thoughtful a track as they come. No getting past the beauty of this one.


Easy listening. Lazy days and summer haze. Good for the warmer months ahead.


Mmmmm. Tasty deep house at it’s finest.


Tech House

WOW! Just wow! You have to take a listen. I am putting money on these tracks being huge summer hits. Mark my words!


This one’s big. Can’t wait for a official release on this one!


A new take on Kill Frenzy’s dance floor bomb from the dastardly duo of Tom Flynn & Shadow Child.


This is Tech House but on another level; a level deeper than most tech tracks like to go. One goddamn sexy ass track!


If you don’t know who Hannah Wants is you really need to do yourself a favor and find out. She is coming up in a big way and I think 2013 will be her year!


A slow burning track. Tech, but slower and more of a night ender than a night opener.



these ones all seems to effortlessly combine genres or split them in mind-bending ways to create something altogether new and fresh and at the same time genre-less.