Hey everyone, welcome back to another edition of Tipsy Tree Thursdays here on Music You Need. This week I’m featuring Australian producer and DJ, Nefeera. He has produced music for nearly four years and has focused on it more within the last year. He started out with Trance and Electro, but has moved towards Dubstep. He uses Ableton 9 to produce and the classic CDJs and mixer to DJ.

Nefeera is currently working on an upcoming four or five track EP. His first EP, Rustled My Jimmies is packed full of hard, in-your-face Dubstep. Check out the bottom of this post to stream the EP or download it for free, available here. His new EP is a departure from his first, with genres ranging from Drum N Bass, Deep House, Moombahcore, Mellow Dubstep and Electro-House. Two of the tracks are available to stream now. Let’s check those out.

The first track off Nefeera’s upcoming EP is “Petrichor.” When asked about the production of it, Nefeera said he focused on writing melodies and chord progressions instead of producing the most disgusting/over the top synths possible. This new approach definitely shows through out “Petrichor.” It uses less to create more, it has an engaging melody, and maintains a solid groove. The breakdown is peaceful and powerful. Great chill dubstep song and introduction to his new EP. Check it out below.

“Follow Me Down” has the most creepy album art, ever. The eerie vibe is included in the instrumental with a haunting melody. It has a solid kick and presence throughout. Enjoy the tune below.


If you’re looking for a crazy party tune, check out Nefeera’s remix of Will Smith’s “Men in Black.” It’s crazy hard Moombahcore. I will for sure be playing it at my cinco de mayo parties this weekend! Free download too!

Nefeera’s first EP: Rustled My Jimmies

I’m really excited to see where Nefeera is going this year. Give him some love below and keep an eye out for his upcoming EP.

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