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Since producing under the moniker NastyNasty in 2008, Jasper has been encouraging his fans to get weird on the dance floor. NastyNasty is not afraid to experiment with genres and brings a fresh perspective to the electronic scene with his changing palette of grimey dirty synth sounds and syncopated rhythms. NastyNasty will be performing his third Emissions Festival this year, which is being held in Belden, CA from May 17th-19th. This festival is being put on by Camp Questionmark and Irie Cartel, and its West Coast Bass Culture is exemplified through its talented lineup and bass-head fans. This event is right around the corner, and will feature headliners like: DJ Shadow, The Polish Ambassador, Phutureprimitive, Kill Paris, and more. With their stacked 2nd phase lineup, and a community focused on people, music, and sustainable festivities, the vibes from Emissions Festival will make you want to come back time and time again. Make sure to check out NastyNasty’s newest sounds below, and his telling artist interview. Also see him getting weird at this years Emissions Festival, because his set is bound to be a doozie.

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For those who may not be familiar with your sounds, how would you describe them?

All your favorite genres done wrong? I guess i have a very “American” sound in that my sound is a kind of melting pot of genres, just as America is a melting pot of cultures. I take alot of influences from hip-hop, grime, southern rap and hyphy and kind of try to impose experimental fundamentals on them.

What makes you so NastyNasty?

The time in my life when i started NastyNasty was probably one of the lowest points in my life, freshly coming out of the experimental/noise/breakcore scene i was a dirty, smelly mess of a human. On top of that i was making songs about off color topics like fat west oakland prostitutes, serial killers and prison gangs. The cherry on top was that I’ve always been a massive pervert and i guess the combination of all those things just felt like NastyNasty was the most appropriate and honest name i could choose for myself.

What kind of vibes are you expecting from your next Emissions Festival?

Emissions feels like a family festival, this will be my third year and it’s always been fun. It’s one of those festival where the crowd gives ALOT of leeway in playing weird tunes. Last year I asked the audience if they were ready to get weird in the paint and played a bunch of psychadelic trap tunes. This year i plan on going balls to the wall with trippy shit…

What highlights can you remember from last year’s Emissions?

My dude Starkey dropped a ton of dope grime as always and i had some beignet with like marshmallow and chocolate or something it was amazing.

How do you feel like West Coast Bass Culture is different than, lets say, East Coast Bass Culture?

I can’t really say with too much accuracy, If i had to make a general observation the west coast has a deeper electronic/computer base whereas the east coast has alot more actual instrumentation type acts

How did you begin to develop your unique and eclectic sounds, like your mentalist-hyphy off LAZERBRAIN for instance?

When i started NastyNasty I made production rules and guidelines for myself, i was trying to get a better handle on synthesis so one of those rules was that i had to make all my synth patches from scratch (no presets allowed). on top of that I’d try to make the patch blind before even listening to it so it realy forced me to “visualize” sounds and since the sounds were coming from me instead of manipulating somebody idea they were unique to me. Mentalist Hyphy was a concept for tracks like QUITTER’s “Yadadada” and my own “Bulldozer”, taking hyphy beats which are generally minimalist in nature and flexing some trippy sounds and abstract synthesis within the basic form

How has your sound transformed since you first started producing?

I guess just like everybody else i had no idea wtf i was doing when i started producing, I had been producing for like 7 years when i started NastyNasty and had already made everything from hip hop to breakcore and beyond. I’m always experimenting with new genres because i feel like it adds to my melting pot arsenal. As for NastyNasty specifically my first releases were in like 2008-2009 and i was making everything on blown creative labs computer speakers, i didn’t really have access to fancy equipment and the mixing is pretty terrible on some of it. i was also going through some really painful emotional times and alot of the songs from early NastyNasty are more like emo songs with an electronic pallette. in 2010-2011 i was touring alot so alot of my songs were more oriented towards the aggressive dancefloor style. In 2012 I started incorporating alot more grime and rap into my style and started laying back on the heavy basslines and opted for more syncopated rhythms.

What’s next for NastyNasty?

More learning, more experimenting and more music! I stayed back from releasing alot of music in 2012 because i was storing up for an album and sadly in early 2013 i lost the hard drive that contained most of the album, I’ve been leaking the unfinished ones on my soundcloud over the last few weeks but at home i’ve been extremely busy working on a new album that i’d like to come out in the fall. I’ve taken a step back from trying to produce bangers and gone back to a more experimental aesthetic. I basically took a solid look at all the music i’ve made and released and realized that at my best i make weird kids feel less alone because i myself am a weird kid and it shows in alot of my music.

I hope i never stop being a weird kid
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