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When on stage, G Jones throws his fans for a delightful loop. He gives us a unique mix of hip-hop, purple, glitch, and future bass sounds with melodic transformations and transitioning in between. G Jones is is hitting the road hard this summer, touring all across the U.S. and Europe as well as performing at festivals like Emissions and The Bounce. Check him out at Emissions: West Coast Bass Culture Festival this year, which is being held in Belden, California from May 17th-19th. You can see him perform at this year’s Emissions along with a ton of swag EDM talent, with headliners including: The Polish Ambassador, Kill Paris, DJ Shadow, and Ill.Gates. Emissions Festival is being put on by Camp Questionmark and Irie Cartel with goals of bringing music and people together in a community which focuses on minimal impact on the environment. While listening to G Jones below, make sure to delve into his artist interview, look for his upcoming EP on Robox Neotech, and check him out on tour.

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Emissions artists v2 *Emissions Featured Artist* G Jones

How would you describe your bass stylings?

Lots of different influences and BPMs. I love making everything from super maximal and melody driven purple tunes to stripped down and minimal hip hop bangers, and everything in between.

You recently played a set at this years Coachella and will be at this years Emissions Festival. What is your favorite thing about performing at a festival?

In general I really prefer playing at music festivals to playing indoor venues for a lot of reasons. The main reason is probably that at a festival, people are out for the whole weekend as opposed to just for a few hours, so people can really let go and get into festival mode. I also think bass music sounds a lot better outside, and generally good festivals like Emissions have much nicer sound systems than clubs.

For your go-to gig, what is your live set-up?

I use Ableton Live in the studio and on stage. My live setup is basically an Ableton Live set with a few decks for mixing, and then separate channels for acapellas, various stems and effects. I have it as kind of a hybrid live/DJ set up- I mix between tunes while also mixing in acapellas/stems and hitting samples and fx on my MPD32.

How do you think Emissions vibes will differ as compared to other festivals?

Emissions is my favorite festival hands down. It’s really obvious how much love Brian, Michelle and everyone involved put into throwing it. All the Northern California heads come out and they always has amazing sound. It’s definitely a family vibe. Every year Emissions showcases some seriously next level headliners and also tons of up and coming talents in West Coast bass.

Can you describe the scene of West Coast bass culture in three words?

weird special vibes

Would you say your stylings on Mirage is different than your previous works?

Yeah definitely. That was my first release as G Jones, and most of my music before that was a lot more heavy dubstep oriented. Mirage definitely showcased a lot of the new directions I started to go in after breaking away from a strictly dubstep mentality.

What’s next for G Jones?

Lots of exciting stuff coming up. I’m releasing an EP on Doshy’s label Robox Neotech early this summer and doing a European tour in August, coming back just in time for Burning Man. I also have a lot of awesome USA bookings this summer so I’m stoked to play in some new places and at a few new festivals I haven’t played before.

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