Producers SlingR and Filby make up the paradoxical duo, Kalm Kaoz. The under-lying calm of their positive vibes and joy mixes with their building chaotic beats to bring a smooth harmony of these two seemingly opposing energies. These producers have come together to put you in a trance-like state with their high-energy electro sounds. SlingR used to work in Wall Street, until he chucked his corporate job in 2008 to chase his love of EDM production. Filby has been an EDM producer, DJ, and songwriter for many years; he is also know as the creator of the hip-tronica genre. Finally, two years ago, SlingR and Filby started collaborating and honing their craft together to conduct hypnotic impulses for your ears, heart, and mind. So get ready to get pumped up, with this week’s featured artist, Kalm Kaoz.

How would you describe your combined sounds?

Filby: I’m all about wicked drums and sexy melodies that take you to a higher place. Ridiculous bass lines and arrangements. SlingR has the 60’s rock influence that gives us a very unique approach to electro. Plus he is the “drop king”- in music and in business.

SlingR: King of dropping a deuce, perhaps. Yeah, Filbs is a magic-music-melody man with HUGE funk; I come in with power chords, rock drum kits, and a love of big sweet melody lines… and the time when there was more “room” for lyrics. We’re hoping to bring a bit more melody to electro as a genre, while driving ourselves’ and crowds wild with disgusting bass.

SlingR apparently you left your job in the corporate world in 2008 to start professionally making music. Can you ever see yourself going back into that type of work scene?

SlingR: The more I run away, the more things stay with you! My experience on Wall Street has given a voice to the debate regarding all the business deals going on in the dance music scene, from a musician and fan’s point of view. We hope to add to the dialogue and support artistry, dance music’s unique and amazing counter-culture, and purity.

In addition to our label, Massive Decks Recordings, we’ve also formed a bunch of companies who’s purpose is to support and help the independent artist and festival operator (www.massive-enterprises.com), and through music…beautiful music, save twelve souls per year that would otherwise be lost through our charity, Hexagon House.

What is hiptronica? What bpm and sounds would you say categorize this genre?

Filby: hiptronica was the result of an epiphany I had in Miami at WMC in ’07. I was producing a ton of hip hop at the time and I felt really bogged down from the lack of positivity in the music and house was always my “go-to” vacation spot. I merged the feeling and vocal techniques of 80’s hip hop and the vibe of electro house. It usually sits between 110bpm – 135bpm.

Why choose the contradictory name Kalm Kaoz?

Filby: It’s the feeling when I was 13 and I saw an 18-year old girl in a bikini…

SlingR: Listen to our sets… I think you’ll hear the dichotomy! It just kinda formed from the sound we had free-forming for hours together at our studio, the Love Kave. We love the beauty of trance, it’s elegance and essence, while jonesing for disgusting bass, and craving for a funky kick. We love the calm, and we also love the chaos. From both spring new thinking and beauty. We want our tracks and live sets to mush that all together and seek out, every time we spin or drop a track – those magic moments when we’ve raved perfectly – perfect music, perfect people, perfect friends, perfect love.

How did Kalm Kaoz get started?

SlingR: We met two years ago at a small party at Filby’s house. He was of course in his studio DJing… when I went in to introduce myself, I was blown away. I’ve played guitar and piano and couldn’t believe that you could have an entire studio in your house! We nerded out on gear and he told me what to get and I spent 2 years with all the gear, locked away, focusing on nothing other than music and creation… as a release and place for my mind to breathe and exercise since I wasn’t doing the finance stuff.

Filby: I was over at SlingR’s house in December and, you know, I wanted to see how far he’d come. I double-dog-dared him to free form, two separate systems, and spin together…SlingR got all…SlingR-like…too funny, and I threw down the genre – trance. It was just one of those magical moments…like, wow, this is epic, and we’ve got do to something together…and Kalm Kaoz was born. We’ve been working together only since January, but we’re now throwing sounds and tracks at each other…like flowers and bricks. We started out with the idea that 2 DJ’s must equal 3, or why bother? We truly believe in the “craft” of DJing, in addition to production.

We DJ, plus or minus, 50 tracks an hour, plus samples and live riffs, dropping back and forth between each other, riff’ing with decks upon decks, midi-fighters, Ableton engaged, F1s…it’s getting crazy. Everytime we spin, it evolves again. We can’t wait to see where we are after a year together.

Any big shows or tour date plans for Kalm Kaoz in the future?

Filby: We have a few residency talks going on now and we’re hoping to make some kool announcements. We’re also talking to a few festival operators and are hoping to be on a few kool stages this summer, universe willing!

SlingR: Or we can just spin at our pool all summer – it’s a win win!

What’s next for Kalm Kaoz?

Filby: Free stuff  for everyone!

SlingR: Lots of love, peace and…mischief!

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