Bicycle Day 2

I was lucky enough to attend the celebration of a pivotal event in counter-culture history. On Bicycle Day, April 19th, Euphonic Conceptions threw together an event at 1015 Folsom to mark the 70th anniversary of Albert Hoffman’s discovery of the effects of LSD.  It was on that day, 70 years ago, that Albert ingested his concoction and became wildly intoxicated on his adventurous bike ride home. Today we celebrate this day, by throwing shows full of psychedelic music, artwork, and the human experience. After a 7 1/2 hour car ride to The Bay area from San Diego, and a beautiful sunny Friday spent with friends around SF, I was gearing up for a wonderful night.

Bicycle_Day 1

There were three stages open to the attendees, to fill this night with elevating and inspired soundscapes. The front room, thrown by Ritual Dubstep, was already bumpin’ when we arrived at 10:30 with Nebakaneza (Neba) vs. Trevor Kelley (TK) playing. Neba was fitted in a checkered spandex suit and switching up the decks with TK, and both of them were makin’ the room bounce. They played a mix of trap, glitch, and dubstep when I first checked out the mirrored room, and they went until midnight, giving us a taste of their sexy grooves. After we checked our coats, we saw that there was a downstairs lounge open called the YumSauce Lounge. The room was filled with red dim light and a ton of lounging area on the floor, in case you wanted to lie down or have a cuddle with some close friends. There was also a bar and tea room set up in the downstairs area to give it a nice, chill atmosphere. When we went to the upstairs area, we walked through the art gallery thrown by Tribe13, which featured some great psychedelic artwork, some which I had the pleasure to experience at Sea of Dreams. All the rooms were packed with beautiful people, smiling faces, and good vibes.


When I entered the main room in 1015 Folsom, I was just in time to catch the end of Alex and Allyson Grey’s lecture. They showed us the premiere of their Entheon Project Kickstarter, which entails building a temple that would be a sanctuary to house visionary art at their Church of Sacred Mirrors. Alex said some inspiring words about the temple being a point of transcendence and unity of our collective wisdom and traditions. As the talk ended, a mock-sculpture of the Entheon was lifted and secured to the DJ booth for us to enjoy the rest of the night.

Bicycle_Day 2

The upstairs room was darkened and had a wide range of producers playing for the long night ahead. The Beat Church started us off with Mesca and Renee Leah, and ended the night with Mikhal, Kitty D, RyuRy, VNDMG, and Balance. When I first entered the room I heard Mesca throwing down some deep trap with R&B influences and vocals. The room was packed with people getting weird on the dance-floor. VNDMG also gave us some sweet glitchy trap sounds and performed until DJ Balance took over in a purple wig. She threw a set down, ranging the spectrum of house, trap, purple, and glitch music.

Bicycle_Day 4

After the talk from Alex and Allyson, they worked on live paintings next to the main stage. It was amazing to get to see both of their works progress over the course of the night, as artists on the main stage were throwing some esoteric beats down. Kaminanda started it off with some organic flutes and drums mashed in with his heady bass lines. Bluetech performed next, emitting downtempo, smooth, glitchy waves. Afterwards, Shpongle took the stage and blew the crowd away with his guttural psy-trance flow. Simon Postford shook Alex Grey’s hand  after his set, and as the two gave each other gratitude, they amplified the good vibes of the night. Random Rab took over next, with his chill, downtempo melodies, and was followed by DJ Shawna, who threw down her booty bumpin’ house and upbeat electronica. There was an array of performance artists that accompanied the stage along with the main acts. A mixture of hoopers, dancers, painters, and even a floral sculptor, shared the spotlight to showcase their range of art forms with their receptive fans.

Bicycle_Day 3

As the night was turning into daylight, it was a sign to give my body a rest. I sadly missed An-Ten-Nae’s acid-crunk set, and left 1015 with tired feet, a full heart, and inspired thoughts. All in all, the night made me feel blessed to be a part of this magical experience, which was filled with beautiful souls and an extremely talented line-up.

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