Hey everyone, welcome back to another edition of Tipsy Tree Thursdays here on Music You Need. I took last week off, but this week I’m ready to share another producer with you. This week I’m featuring Imbir, a producer from Aspen.

His latest track, “Blue & Green” is really relaxing and well produced. I really enjoy the range of frequencies used and can see it working in an early or late night set. Cool drum work as well. It’s a free download below.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more punch, then check out “80 with a snare.” I like the melodies Imbir chose throughout the piece and he incorporated a great build into the breakdown. Great chord progressions and overall arrangement. It’s also a free download.

The song that hooked me on Imbir was “Fuselage.” I love the glitch hop vibe with all the synth stabs and chopped up melodies. It has a perfect breakdown that utilizes some piano work. Combined with another excellent build into a drop and you have a memorable instrumental. It’s a free download, so grab it while it’s hot.

Looking for some filthy dubstep? Check out “What’s Goin’ On” if you are! It’s completely packed with wobbles and heavy basslines. It’s a headbanger for sure! Free download below.

I’m really digging Imbir and can’t wait to see what else he has coming in 2013. Check out his entire album, Digital Distortion, on BandCamp, and give him some love at the links below.

Connect with Imbir

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