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This Vancouver-based producer duo is hitting the streets hard with their hip-hop influenced grimey beats as Pigeon Hole. The heavy bass coming off their second album Chimp Blood is straight hyphy, featuring some dirty synths and 808s for your auditory pleasure. Colin and Lee of Pigeon Hole are also members of Sweatshop Union and while at SXSW Colin and Lee threw it down, playing several shows with Sweatshop Union, as well as performing as Pigeon Hole on  Saturday at The Spider House. With plans of hitting the festival season hard, it’s exciting to hear that these cats’ interesting combination of hip-hop beats and flow with grimey bass will be hitting the summer circuit soon. Check out this week’s artist interview with Pigeon Hole, and check out their newest sounds from Chimp Blood below, which includes a psychedelic music video for their single Champion.

How would you describe the sounds of Pigeon Hole?

C: its different. its always changing depending on what we’re listening to at the time. right now we have a really raw bass heavy sound. high energy shit, grimey synths, 808’s, hectic drum programming. we’ve been getting more and more into electronic music but our sound is always routed in hip hop.

L: Yeah. We pull from all music. But you’ll find 90’s hip hop and west coast bass music is the biggest influence.

You’re music video for Champion is filled with psychedelic cat montages.Where did you get this imagery for your video?

C: i woke up early on tour one morning and just started messing around with it. i have a few friends who are into cats so i figured i’d give them something they’d like. i like fun shit, fun visuals.

How long have you two been producing together?

C: we’ve been working on music together for years but probably started producing together around 2005. things always turn out better when we’re both involved. when one of us hits a block the other one will have an idea.

How did you guys decide to do a project outside of Sweatshop Union?

C: we’ve always been a separate group within sweatshop. thats kind of what sweatshop is really. with the first record we decided that we wanted to have full control on an entire project.

L: When we work together it’s always had a different sound than what Sweatshop made. It needed its own project to not sound out of place with what we were doing with them.

Why did you choose the name Pigeon Hole?

C: our sound has always kind of changed from project to project. whatever we’re listening to always has a big influence on our sound. its just fun to try and do different shit.

L: We wanted a name that let us have an evolving sound from album to album.

Where does your hip-hop flow come from, as heard on Chimp Blood?

C: we grew up on hip hop. i don’t think we could ever escape it even if we tried. it will always be a part of our sound. we listened to Snoop, Wu Tang, Hiero and all that religiously.

L: A love for that loose raw 90’s rap, But simple enough to not get in the way of the beats that we want to bump huge on big sound systems.

How was your show at SXSW at the Spider House Cafe?

C: it was awesome. i love playing the new shit live. thats the best feeling right now, when we’re on stage. its just so hype! i think it trips people out. especially during a hip hop showcase. everyone seems to be feeling it though.

L: I love the unexpected response we’re getting from fans these days. Some people want it to stay the same as it ever was, but it sounds right this way. There’s no going back now.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at one of your shows?

C: haha….we’ve seen a lot of shit on tour. a girl once jumped up on stage and flashed the crowd her vagina. thats the only time i’ve ever seen that at a show before.

L: … This rugged dirt bike festival. Midget wrestling, chick fights, and WWE stars hanging out. And us. haha.

What’s next for Pigeon Hole?

C: festivals! we’re trying to tour the shit out of this record over the summer. the way i see it everybody is a fan they just might not know it yet. they just need to hear the music and see the show. we’re hoping to get a new EP out for mid summer too.

L: Yeah. Giant crowds. I wanna see thousands of people mashing out to our music. Hype shit! I’ll do whatever it takes to get to that point. That’s what we do this for.

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