GOOSE has a new album coming up called Control Control Control which is expected to be another showstopping, electrifying, energetic release, just as their previous records have been. With a genre which can only be described as an awesome mixture of electronic and rock, GOOSE has been thrilling live audiences with their unique and experimental musical style for years now. I had the chance last week to ask them a few questions which you can check out below. Be sure to check them out live at the Koko in London on March 28!

I’ll preface this with saying that, in all honesty, I had not heard about you guys until quite recently! After listening to your material, I have to say I loved every minute of it, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to ask you a few basic things. With that in mind, how did your group get started? And how long have you guys been in the business of creating awesome music?

Hey, First of all, thank you for your honesty!

We have been making music together since 2000 and in 2006 all the digging and experimenting finally led to an album called ‘Bring it on’ that was released on Skint records. NME called us Europe’s answer to New Rave.

With that in mind, after a 2 year tour, we started working on our second album and made something completely different :). But Synrise, the title track of that album again brought us back to the dance floor, thanks to some great remixes by Soulwax and Mumbai Science.

Actually we just heard that Synrise will be used in a film for a big French fashion house! As we like nice clothes a lot, we are as excited as if we would be offered to headline Glastonbury!

Now we are ready to release ‘Control Control Control’ and waiting for new adventures!

Were any of your members previously affiliated with other artists or bands? Are any of you currently a part of any other projects that are receiving public attention?

We all have histories playing in different bands, but I guess our pasts were necessary to prepare us for what was about to come.

Today we try to maintain our creativity by working on lots of different projects: Dave (guitar) is making a soundtrack for a documentary on Magnum Photographer Carl Dekeyser, Bert (drums) is touring with on his live techno solo project ‘B’ and I (Mickael) just designed a personalized polo shirt for the 60th birthday of Fred Perry.

The rest of the time we figure out how to plan everything around GOOSE :)

GOOSE is very unique in it’s blending of electronic music with the use of live instruments typically seen in rock bands, etc. Explain what influenced this unlikely mix?

It was a need that we felt. We used to watch rock concerts and be so bored. So when we first started we knew one thing: “We want to move people in every single way, a concert had to be an experience and give both you and us a lot of energy”

So we started to look at DJs and listen to the way they would build their set and we worked out how the dynamics work. Keeping that in mind we continued making ‘rock’ songs but with a dance attitude. We wanted to have kids dancing even if they were not familiar with our songs. We’re on the 3rd album now but that is still our mission.

The only thing that has changed though are the DJs!… They are now overruled by their own visuals and people in clubs forget to dance…

Who are some of the artists or groups that have influenced your music in any way?

Les Rhythmes Digitales for sure! Daft Punk, Phoenix, Air, Pink Floyd, TransAm, all big influences.

What are some of the initial reactions you experienced with your music? Especially with it being somewhat experimental in a sense. Did it catch on quickly or did it take awhile for you guys to build up a following?

We have been building our career the old School way by playing live. This is how we built up a fan base. It’s only with the last album that we started to get more radio play and so reach a wider audience.

I’ve noticed The Bloody Beetroots, of which I am a fan, have remixed a few of your tracks. I’m curious if you have done any work with other artists on remixes or collaborations or plan to do so in the future?

Apart from my vocals which have featured on both on The Bloody Beetroots ‘Cornelius’ and Vitalic’s ‘Rave Kids Go’, we’ve mixed or produced several other artists.

The last band that left our studio was ‘GO CHIC’, they’re a girl band from Taiwan. You could say they are a mix between MIA and Peaches (who also produced their album).

The last couple of remixes we did, Jesse Ware’s ‘Night Light’ and Daft Punk’s ‘Son of Flynn’, were awesome but sadly got rejected :) … but you can find them on our Soundcloud page (

Tell me about your upcoming album CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL. What makes this album different from your previous records? And how is it similar?


This is the first time we worked with a producer, Paul Stacey.

we recorded the album live, all playing in a room together

we’ve created our own platform/label to release it called Safari records


The energy

It’s still spontaneous

It’s still us!

I know you will be at the Koko on March 28th. Are there any other upcoming shows or tours we should be expecting any time soon especially with the release of your new album?

We will be touring in France and Germany over the next month and we’ll definitely come back to the UK just before the summer. We’re updating our Facebook page ( with new dates as we speak!

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