Hello, everyone, and welcome back to “Take a Break!” I was totally out of it last week due to the removal of all four of my wisdom teeth. Ouch. So sorry I missed you guys. I am doing fine now, though, thank you very much! This week I’ve got some tracks for you by or featuring Brenton Mattheus, MitiS, CTwo, and CHANGE.

Brenton Mattheus


What can I say… Brenton Mattheus seems to keep popping up here recently. Well, I have become a huge fan of his vocal tracks and features so expect to see a lot more of him in the future as well. This is a track by Mr. FijiWiji with vocal features from Mattheus. As always, his voice is buttery smooth and it blends perfectly with the instrumentals. There are even some interesting vocal effects that were layered on top that you complement the track quite nicely. I’m loving this one.

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Here’s a new progressive trance track from MitiS called “Expose.” I’ve always been a huge fan of trance music and progressive music, so of course I was pleased to find the two categories being combined. This is a great dynamic track full of ups and downs. It’s very chill as well! Start it up, sit back, relax, and listen!

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CTwo released a preview of a track called “Entity,” which is another one of his deep house experiments. I think this one is just as good as the last I heard by him. It’s great that he is taking a break from his usual dubstep sounds and messing with other genres. Nothing wrong with what he has been doing, but I love to see artists mix it up a bit.

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This was just too fitting not to include. CHANGE recently released a mix called “Take a Break” so of course it should fit right in here. It’s a long one consisting of various down and uptempo party beats. There should be something in there for everyone to enjoy. It really got me pumped up when I started listening to it. This is definitely more of a celebration type of break-taking. Vacations and what not! I just had my spring break. If any of you have breaks or vacations coming up, be sure to throw this mix in your lineup!

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That’s it for this week! I’ll see you next week as long as I’m not on a bunch of pain meds again!