MartyParty and Ooah from The Glitch Mob joined forces back in 2008 to create some saucy dubstep as the entity deemed PANTyRAiD. With fat melodic bass and glitched out elevating builds, this duo knows how to make the crowd wile out and shake their asses, all while maintaining a chill, swag personality that’s characteristic of PANTyRAiD. With a new album underway, and the beginnings of their spring tour, PANTyRAiD is givin’ us exactly what we want to fulfill our spring break party needs. Tonight on March 15th this collab will be throwing down at An-ten-ae’s Get Freaky party at 1015 Folsom in SF with ETC!ETC! heatin’ up the show and tomorrow on March 16th they will continue the party in Lake Tahoe at Montbleu Resort with BRILLZ and PRSN on the bill. Find out what makes PANTyRAiD’s music so sexy in our artist interview below, and make sure to catch them on tour at a venue near you.

What makes your tracks so sexy? 

Ha! We just have a knack for it :) We make our music for the ladies, and try to make even the hardest songs flow with a patience and sensitivity. I think it might be the fans that make our music so sexy.

How much planning does it entail for you two to come together and do a tour as PANTyRAiD?

It isn’t easy to flex our busy Glitch Mob and MartyParty schedules but with a good team and some strategy we make it work. We set aside time and make sure we are very efficient and productive when we can get together or go out on tour. We look months ahead and try to schedule chunks of time to focus on music production and PANTyRAiD shows. We love getting to work together so we always make time no matter what!

You recently did a show in Denver and are about to hit up SF and Lake Tahoe to throw down some more sexy beats. What is your favorite part about traveling and performing with other artists all across the country?

We love feeling, seeing, meeting, and experiencing the different cities, venues, and people – it is always unique and different and each gig has its own scene going on. Its also really hard to hang out with our performer and producer friends and being on the road we run into our homies in the most random places! Sometimes we have to go to Arkansas to finally get to hang out with a buddy who lives a mile away because our schedules are so wild.

Can you talk a bit about your connection to An-Ten-Nae and how you got on his Acid Crunk compilations?

We have known Adam for years! Good friend of ours – he always hits us up for Acid Crunk love – we have both contributed to Acid Crunk through the years and its a cool platform and sick name :) Love Adam!

When was the last time PANTyRAiD played 1015 Folsom? How have you seen the venue change or evolve since then?

A while back – we have both played there several times individually lately but its been a while since we did a ‘raid. The venue always seems to have some different element every time we walk through the door, its kinda like home base for us in SF, we just keep coming back.

You will be playing your March 16th show at Montbleu Casino & Resort in South Lake Tahoe. Do you see yourselves getting into any craps or blackjack while you’re there?

We not really big on the gambling – but love that sound anyway – tingngngngnanlingignglgignngngngngngn! Everyone who’s coming to the show should go win big for us and buy the Fresh Bakin team some drinks. They’re always number one on the hookup for good music and good crowds up there.

These next few shows will be the first few shows that PANTyRAiD has performed this year. How much new music do you see yourselves playing at 1015 Folsom or Montbleu? 

A ton of new PANTyRAiD – we are playing most of the new album and a bunch of new remixes we just finished. Also a few new unreleased gems from our homies out there. ;)

What’s next for PANTyRAiD?

Release our new album – hopefully any day now we’ll be able to say when! We worked real hard on a follow up to The Sauce and think we did it – it was tough but we did another concept album and LOVE it. Then we have shows booking like crazy for the next few months. It’s already a super fun year and it’s just getting started!

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