Thursday mattharold Tipsy Tree Thursdays w/ Matt Harold
Welcome back to another edition of Tipsy Tree Thursdays here on Music You Need. This week I’m featuring Matt Harold, an EDM producer from New York. His most recent tracks are glitch hop and electro house, but he has some other genres like trance and dubstep on his SoundCloud.

Matt’s latest track is a glitch hop production titled “Virtual.” It has some complex drums and chopped up vocal samples. I’m really digging the piano melody in the phrase right before the breakdown. Check it out below and it’s a free download through SoundCloud.

I only recently came across Matt when he released his remix of BT’s “Every Other Way.” I’m a sucker for JES, so I immediately was hooked. It’s a solid remix with a great drop into an electro house heavy synth. There is a lot going on throughout and it’s very enjoyable. The second drop section is incredible and would whip a crowd into a frenzy. It’s also a free download.

Another glitch hop track by Matt is titled “Pet Lion.” It’s chopped up and has a lot going on in a true glitch hop fashion. I love the deep bass stabs throughout. It’s another free download.

“Freeze” is an excellent electro house instrumental. The melody and buildup are definitely influenced by trance, so I’m totally into it. I love the melody and up beat feel to the track. Give it a play below and grab it for your music collection.

I’m loving Matt’s music! Give him some love below at his links.

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