loveandlight *New Mix* Love and Light   Skiing on Pillows (Euphonic Conceptions Exclusive)

This brand new mix, released exclusively on Euphonic Conceptions, has Love and Light giving us a delicious taste of two unreleased tracks while making us dream of some sweet powder covered mountains. It’s only fitting that a duo which hails from the Tahoe area, arguably one of the skiing capitals of the nation, would deliver us a mix that fits into any hill-bombing soundtrack. It’s almost impossible not to imagine yourself dropping over a cornice right when the beat drops with you. These sultans of sound have woven a refreshing new type of audio tapestry which shows an evolution of their signature glitchyness. Driven by a chunky bass line, this synthed out tune has guitar and piano riffs interspersed with a distorted female voice that is vaguely reminiscent of happy hardcore. The one thing that you can count on for sure is that this is feel good music, guaranteed to cement a smile on your face and get you giddy!

Love and Light plays at Mighty in San Franciso this Saturday March 16th alongside Freddy Todd and JPod. Come on out and join some of the Music You Need Team to hear some more fresh material from these guys!

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