This a milestone EP not only because of the tracks on it, but because this is BNR 100, meaning this is the 100th release for Boysnoize Records. With this in mind, it’s quite appropriate that this EP consists of two tracks, “XTC” and “Ich R U,” being remixed by two icons in the dance music world for one of the biggest names in techno music today. It’s a recipe for success and when you listen to Justice’s remix of “Ich R U” below you’ll see why. The French duo took the epic vocals of the original and kept them pretty much intact, but added their signature synthy builds and epic rock-style breakdowns to make this one hell of a stomping electro-house style track. The Chemical Brothers also did a number on “XTC,” but they did it very subtly, keeping most of the track intact while still creating a vibe that is completely their own. Set for official release March 18th.

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