By the ripe young age of 11, Junior Sanchez had rigged his own DJ set and by age 15 he was performing in some of the hottest clubs in NYC. With beginnings of collecting old vinyls from his older siblings, Junior Sanchez has a driven mind which led him to own a series of imprints and labels, play notorious venues, and start his own Brobot Label and radio show. His eclectic electro house stylings will take over your body and leave you craving his next electronic uprising. Listen to Junior Sanchez, and read this week’s featured interview to learn more about this force of a producer. Also, catch Sanchez live during Miami Music Week on March 17th at the Shelborne Hotel and and March 23rd at the Wall.

How would you describe your bangin’ sounds?

I would say it to be eclectic & Fun. but always with a sense of dance floor domination & devastation! lol

How did you get into DJing at the ripe young age of 15?

I grew up the youngest of 6, so i always had a vast knowledge of music from my older siblings, so when they all left home they left their vinyl behind the rest is history!.

What’s your DAW of choice?

Only 2 that i use religiously Protools HD10 and Abelton Live9  iv’e been an abelton user since Version1

What do you love most about producing and remixing tracks for big name artists like Madonna, Shakira, and Daft Punk?

I love the fact that with every artist Ive ever collaborated with or remixed, i did it because i actually love respect and admire their work..

What is your favorite venue to play? Any dream venues on your bucket list?

Well omg I’ve played in numerous places, and venues from love parade, to space in Ibiza to pacha nyc to fabric in London, but i gotta say watching my boy steve angello rock stadiums and arena brings this to a whole other level of fun!’ lol

Can you talk a bit about your record label Brobot? What instigated you to create your own label?

Well i had an imprint before that was called cube recordings and i released amazing stuff from artist such as Stuart price, felix da housecat, rhythm masters, Paul woolford, to even bands like the moving units from Los Angeles, and having a conversation with steve angello in coachella 2 years ago really confirmed that i should start a creative output for myself and others again,

What are the biggest changes you have seen in the music industry since you’ve been a part of it?

Well of course technology , we went from vinyl, to cd’s to laptops, to sd card  to usb sticks its insane how this is evolving exponentially .

What’s next for Junior Sanchez?

Well Brobot, My album, Singles, touring, Mentoring” & THE FUTURE!..

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