Hey everyone, welcome back to another edition of Tipsy Tree Thursdays here on Music You Need. This week I’m featuring a young producer that goes by the name DJ Swoon. Don’t let his age fool you, Swoon has his act together. He’s been producing for two years now and has made music for longer than that. He’s a FL studio junkie and is just getting into DJing with Traktor. He has a ton of singles and remixes released already and his debut album, Energy is coming out soon. He described Energy as a “product of his life. Heartbreak and triumph converted into a musical platform.” It’ll be released on iTunes soon. Let’s jump to the music!

I’ll start by featuring his three latest tracks that are all trap tunes. The first is a collaboration with MHKAZ titled the “Twerkaholics Anthem.” It’s a free download.

The second trap track is actually a mash-up by HODJ that utilizes DJ Swoon’s “100 Points.” If you’re a video game nerd like me, you’ll dig this. If you like trap too, it’s an even better combination! It’s a free download as well.

The last one is a remix of Deadmau5’s famous “Raise Your Weapon.” I love the LFO sirens throughout. Cool take on the song. It’s a free download too.

Up next is a remix of SeanSeauce’s “Don’t Stop the Party!” by DJ Swoon. It has some strong keyboard melodies that erupt into some dirty dubstep. Great remix and it’s also free download.

The song that turned me onto Swoon is his remix of Sophia Alyse’s “Heaven Help Me.” I absolutely love this song! Both Swoon and Sophia are young musicians and it’s great what they can do together. Both of their fathers used to make music in the past, so it’s really neat to see another generation combining their talents. I love the complextro/electro house feel to the track. He did a great job of chopping up the vocals and having the track explode. So good. It’s available on iTunes for purchase.

Another dubstep track by Swoon is another collaboration with MHKAZ titled, “Can’t Make You Do Anything.” I love the chip tunes melody that they overlay over the heavy dubstep. It also has some great strings in the bridge. Free download!

Swoon has some incredible talent and he has plenty of time to perfect his craft. I’m expecting some huge things for him this year. Remember to give him some love below and keep an eye out for his debut album, Energy coming out soon.

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