Sazon Booya *SXSW BassicK Elements Featured Artist* Sazon Booya

Sazon Booya have been hitting the moomba scene hard with no signs of slowing down. Comprised of Mr.Vega and DJ SAV, they skyrocketed to the top after their debut EP La Bomba and have since been blending styles and genres in their seamless tracks that leave you wanting more. With the recent release of Sazon’s Oye Miami EP, we are stoked to see what this dynamic duo is pumping out next for our eager ears to swallow. You can listen to Sazon Booya’s sick moomba sounds at Music You Need’s BassicK Elements show on March 11th at SXSW. Sazon will be headlining, along with Kill Paris, gLAdiator, Amine Edge & Dance, and many many more. This party will be going off for 12 whole hours at Rowdy in Austin, TX  from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. with a silent disco afterwards. You know Music You Need and our dope partners Level 4 PR and DJ ATG know how to throw one of the best electronic parties at SXSW, so come with your bad self and get ready to get rowdy. Check out our interview with Sazon Booya below, listen to their sweet sounds, and nab your pre-sales for BassicK Elements below, its right around the corner on March 11th.

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Rowdy BassicK Elements *SXSW BassicK Elements Featured Artist* Sazon Booya

If your sound could transform into any animal or mythical beast what would it be? 

Vega: it would be a lion with dragon wings that breathed fire and had chainsaws for arms.

SAV: a centaur

What were the two of you working on independently before you made up the collaborative duo Sazon Booya?

Vega: I was a hip hop producer, drug dealer and human trafficker.

SAV: I was making Independent Films, Touring with Superstars around the world, DJ’ng at Strip Clubs, Working for the Board of Ed, Crushing hearts

What unique qualities do each of you bring to your production process?

Vega: I bring the party he brings the rock.

Sav: Ha Ha @Vega’s response. Vega comes from a Hip-Hop background but he has an expansive knowledge and understanding of all genres, so he brings different elements into the production process. I have a stronger background when it comes to Latin records so I mesh those sensibilities into the mix.

How did you guys get into the electronic music scene? How did you guys get introduced to moombah?

Vega: I got tired of hip hop and wanted to try something new. Diplo played us an afrojack track on his tape deck but the battery was dying.

SAV: I wanted to infuse Latin records with dance music and Moombahton was the perfect vehicle for that.

What your ideal bpm for the tracks that your putting out? Do you see it straying farther away from that any time soon?

Vega: ideally 108-112. In the near future we hope to make lots of trance and hard style albums.

SAV: I agree wholeheartedly.

It seems there has been a trend lately where a lot of die hard moombahton producers have jumped on the trap bandwagon. What do you think about all of this?

Vega: I think if the shoe fits, wear it. My feet are too big.

SAV:  I have no interest in producing Trap, my heart is with Moombah. If other producers want to venture into other genres and experiment with other sounds I can’t knock that. Art is about expanding and stepping out of your comfort zone.

With the recent release of your Oye Mami EP and your collab release with The Mane Thing for Perfect 10, where do you see your sound going in the next year or so?

Vega: we see it becoming more and more unbearable.

SAV: wherever it needs to go honestly. It really all depends on our mind set a year from now. We might be into infusing string band samples into Moombah or we might lean towards a more progressive style of Moombah, its hard to say, anything is possible.

Are there any new producers on the scene that you see as potential break-through artists?

Vega: djej & Minimaxx, the Moombah mafia, DFace and aglory.

SAV:  All of them

I know you are busy on tour and will be at the BassicK Elements show at SxSW that MYN is helping put together with Level 4 PR and DJ ATG. What do enjoy most about touring and working with other artists? What irks you?

Vega: I enjoy the free socks, sketchy hotels, hookers and meth labs. I really get irked when the openers play jewel.

SAV: I like hanging out with my friends who also happen to be my business partners. I also enjoy getting free booze and playing for a slew of people who just want to have a good time

Where is your favorite venue to play?

Vega: Webster hall the bassment.

SAV: agreed

What’s coming up next for Sazon Booya?

Vega: lots of questionable situations.

SAV:  world takeover!

bassickelementssquare1 *SXSW BassicK Elements Featured Artist* Sazon Booya

 Nemo Junglist-BassicK Elements Showcase Mixtape

BassicK Elements Info:

March 11th 2pm-2am

21 +


604 Neches St, Austin 

Presale Tickets-$15

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