The inventor of acid crunk gives us his latest psychedelic wonderland with Raindrops On Roses. An-Ten-Nae dropped this EP on us Februrary 27, and his debut album will be dropping on us April 1st via Muti Music; it will feature 13 crunk tracks to make your ears wiggle. An-Ten-Nae has been producing in the Bay Area for the past 10 years and uses his own customizable set-up while playing live shows. If you want to be transported to a glitched out land filled with a few of your favorite things, listen to An-Ten-Nae’s latest EP.  Check out a snippet of An-Ten-Nae’s Raindrops On Roses below, an artist interview with the man himself, and stay tuned for his album release coming up this April.

How would you describe your sounds?

Bass Heavy Beats with a dirty south influence, coupled with deep acid grooves- otherwise known as Acid Crunk.

Can you go over your customized setup you use during your live shows?

I have a customized Fader Fox which is a hand held midi device, that I made to be wireless. This controls all aspects of my set to include live remixing on the fly with multiple channels that can even be controlled while I’m jumping around in the middle of the dance floor.

How did you get into creating your Acid Crunk compilations?

It started with a mixtape which is Vol. 1. And then progressed into a compilation of where I wanted to help promote new sounds that I was feeling. On it you can hear early works by artists such as Datsik, Ooah from The glitch Mob, Opiuo etc..

Your newest EP and music video Raindrops On Roses is a psychedelic crunk wonderland. What made you take this direction on your EP?

To be honest people get a bit uptight with all their genres and seriousness.. I just wanted to have fun.. and make something to put a smile on peoples faces.

You have remixes by PANTyRAid and Ooah on your newest EP. Why did you chose those two producers to remix your tracks? 

Its actually just Ooah from Pantyraid and The Glitch mob. I really like Ooah and his taste in music and production. I also didn’t want a bevy of remixers, just someone I could trust to deliver something amazing and that would add to the complexity of the EP.

How do you consider acid crunk different than today’s trap music?  

It tends to be deeper and more musical in general. It’s roots also lie in southern Hip Hop which is what essentially the Trap of today is. But alot of the Trap heard today is veering and melding with the noisy Bro-step ideology unfortunately.. I prefer to leave a lot of the high screeching synths out of my music and let the bass fully shine. I have been making my 808 infused Acid Crunk for over 5 years now and it keeps evolving.

Do you feel like your music has been influenced by living and producing in SF for the last 10 years?

This city definitely has a big influence on me. So many great artists come through here, and I have been honored to host many of them at my events that I throw through An-Ten-Nae presents. I have booked many of my heroes like James Blake, Santigold, Little Dragon, SBTRKT, Modeselektor, and countless others over the past decade. Being so involved with the promotion side of things helps keep me in tune with what is happening with electronic music, and also helps me evolve with it, as well as help shape it.

What’s next for An-Ten-Nae?

I am excited for my debut album titled ‘Raindrops on Roses’ to be released April 1st on Muti Music. The album has 13 new songs that I feel really show a maturity for me as an artist that I have been striving for. I didn’t set out to make an album that needed to be anything in particular. It also features several tracks were I’m using myself on the vocals, which is a first for me. Initial responses have been overwhelmingly positive, and I am really  happy with the results as the album definitely pushes a lot of new boundaries for myself as a producer, and for the listening experience as well. I am also excited to start making more videos to my music.

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