I’ve been taking regular trips to the clouds. Touched lightning and carried thunder on the wind. Listened to music I’ve always been able to hear, but had never put my feet on the ground long enough to absorb its sounds. This is Where’s Your Head At Wednesday – slow down, listen to your inner rhythm, and weave in the accompaniment of the outer flow. Let’s go.



Like Del says, “In the year 3030 everybody wants to be a producer.” And that was when i started paying more attention to the production side of life. From the futuristic record Deltron 3030 came Dantheautomater, one of my all time favorite music producers. Here he is once again to tantalize our earlobes with amazing new sounds. Teaming up with the multi-instrumentalist and vocally stylish Emily Wells, this collaboration is hitting me in the soft spot and I like it.

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I stumbled over this duo a couple days back, fell, bumped my noggin, and still have this throbbing beat in my head that no amount of Aspirin will take care of. Aluna Francis and George Reid are AlunaGeorge, bringing their vibrations from London, England to your ears.

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