Hello, everyone! Sorry I missed you guys last week. Gotta love computer issues! I’ve been quite busy as well, it’s crazy! Anyways, I could use a break from all this school work anytime now. Unfortunately, my spring break is not until the end of this week! If you have a spring break or any break coming up soon, just hang in there! It’s almost here! If not, then just try to relax and pause what you’re doing to check out some of these tracks I found for you all. They should put you at ease a bit. This week, the lineup includes The Royal Concept, RAC, Four Tet, and Eluvium. Here we go!

The Royal Concept


“World On Fire” by The Royal Concept is one of the more catchy songs I’ve heard in quite some time. You hear it once, and it won’t be leaving you for a few hours at least. The good thing, though, is that it’s awesome! The vibe this band puts into their music is one of pure joy and positivity! This track is just as uplifting as it gets. The world is yours!

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I’ve posted several tracks from Ra Ra Riot in the past. Well, here’s a mix by RAC of their track “Beta Love.” It’s a very playful and minimal track with lots of bounciness! I must say I’m very impressed with the mixing of this track. Everything is very well balanced, and it has a nice blend of sounds and dynamics. Overall, this is a simple, fun remix of an awesome Ra Ra Riot track.

Free download: HERE

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Four Tet


Here’s another remix for you. Four Tet remixed “Skin” by Grimes. This remix has a really dark, spacey sound in my opinion. It’s a bit sporadic and unpredictable; not overly so, but just enough to give it some depth. It really does have numerous layers of instruments and vocals which can seem overwhelming at first, but if you give it a try, I think they mesh pretty well. Check out the remix below and see what you think!

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Last, but not least, we have Eluvium’s “Don’t Get Any Closer.” I’ve been listening to this one frequently throughout the week. It’s a super ambient and chill buildup of piano and pad sounds. This track is the perfect zone-out tune, and it’s even better that it’s almost ten minutes long. You’ll get lost in this one, trust me. Listen below and find out why I’ve been coming back to this one over and over for the past week.

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Well, that wraps it up for this week! Hope you guys are all enjoying your breaks around this time if you get them! If not, then I hope you are able to relax in other ways! Till next time…